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How Do I Get Listed in the 
Freepages Genealogy Directory?

Your genealogy pages at Freepages are automatically added to the
Freepages Genealogy Directory
.  In order to be listed, you must: 
  • Make your main entry page index.html or index.htm

  • Put the description that you wish to appear in the directory between the <title> and </title> tags at the top of your page, like this:

    <TITLE>Webpages at Freepages</TITLE>

  • In the <TITLE> HERE </TITLE> spot that says "HERE", put the name that you want to appear in the Directory. It will be indexed according to the first letter of the title, such as <TITLE>Smith Family </TITLE>, which will show up in the GENEALOGY- S index. 

  • Effective Entries include such things as Scott, Jones, Smith, Rosenthal, Edwards & Allied Lines, Gonzales of New Mexico or Klein Genealogy

  • Discouraging Entries include such things as My Kinfolk, index.html or Kuzzins. (It's perfectly all right to use cute names on the page itself, but you want your directory listing to say what your page is about.)