Freepages at RootsWeb

What IS Freepages?

Free webpage space seems to be everywhere you look, nowadays.

What's so special about Freepages at RootsWeb?

The first distinctive thing you'll notice about Freepages is that there are no space limitations.
That's right, none. You don't have to carefully measure your data to make sure it will fit, or
leave out that special picture of great-great grandma. Or even worse, find yourself choosing
whether to do the best possible presentation you can on your genealogy, or skimp to make
space for pictures of the family vacation and the dog having her puppies.

There's room for
all of that and more at Freepages.

The second distinctive thing you'll notice is the structure at Freepages.

Your account comes with 45 special categories for pages, from genealogy to arts to writing,
as well as miscellaneous in case you have an area of interest we've managed to miss.
This not only helps you keep your pages neatly sorted out, but helps your visitors
as well---they'll find your great- grandma in our genealogy directory, and
Fluffy's kittens in our pets directory.

Freepages also works remarkably well as part of a suite to present your genealogy
information. Upload your GEDCOM to WorldConnect, then link to that from your
Freepages site, where you put all the comments and stories and pictures
that turn that GEDCOM from a dry list of names and dates to the story of real people.

Freepages also comes with its own mailing list for assistance in creating your pages,, as well as the option of using an online editor,
if you don't want to create your pages using HTML software.

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