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are my photos???

A Tutorial For Getting Graphics Onto Your Web Pages
by R. Blissmer



That goofy box with the little RED X , the dreaded "X-Files", has driven more than one of us crazy as our attempts at web design try to include getting our fantastic photographs on a web page. For sake of simplicity, remember that the term can be include many things. A photograph is a graphic. A graphic may be a piece of clip art. A chart, graph, or even certain text, can be a graphic. For web application, it can usually be referred to as some kind of "image", and, for the web, this "image" is usually best represented as something that you have made and saved as ".jpg" or ".gif" format (the file extension, MyPhoto.jpg, BouncingText.gif, FlyingCat.jpg, etc.).

Today, we are not concerned with WHAT your image is.
It is to try to help explain "WHERE IT IS".

If you have ever had to ask "Where is my Photo", then this tutorial may be of help to you.
It is a combination of your web site "structure", or, where you put things. Once you have "saved" something, you then use your html code to "find" it.

Storing, remembering, locating, and displaying my photos:   LESSON 1

(Bookmark this site now, for easy reference.)

If you are a real newbie, or anyone for that matter, don't get bogged down by certain "terminology". The use of images, and image names, in this lesson are a good example. Here, you will be asked to use a photograph of your "family".
"Oh no, I can't do the lesson because I don't have a picture of my family".
Remember, the computer is stupid. We are asking that you use a graphic that has the NAME "family" .... we do not care what the picture is about. It could be a picture of Mickey Mouse, or your dog, or a flower, that does not matter right now. Use any image that you have handy, and keep it simple. The computer does not "see" that you have a photo of Mickey Mouse, and have called it your family. And no, the computer will not tell anyone what you have done. Unless, of course, you accidentally publish the wrong photo on your web site for the world to see.

If someone is teaching you the proper way to hold a paintbrush, learn the concept ..... it does not matter WHAT wall you are painting for the lesson, or WHAT COLOR you are using for the lesson. You can paint the correct wall with the color you want, after you learn how to hold the paintbrush.

Using simple examples, this tutorial is limited to helping you create a "web page" with photos, on your computer only, that should function by displaying in your browser. It will not discuss the methods which you need to actually upload your files to a web server.

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