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Brady Family Trilogy

Rev. Troy R. Brady

In Loving Memory


Rev. Troy Robert Brady 1906-1999

Elizabeth Thrash Brady 1907-2002


Elizabeth Thrash Brady

Various Works, Writings, Stories, History & Historical Photos

Researched, Compiled, Written, Edited & Published by

Troy Robert & Elizabeth Thrash Brady

Republished for our descendants by Robert M Brady 2003


KINFOLK is referenced, cross-referenced and searchable with surnames of:


KINFOLK - Exploring the lineage and history of the Pioneer Bradys, as well as surnames of Thrash, Row, Henderson, Chrislip, Knaggs, Mathews, Squires, Wingfield, Lobban, Copeland, Lemon, Umstot, Curry, Price and many other family lines. Filled with historical references, documents, photos and the detailed journey by Troy & Elizabeth Brady during their search for our ancestral roots.

RECLAIMED MEMORIES - Experience the memories, folklore, history and stories of Elizabeth Thrash Brady's life of 95 years. Discover what is was like growing up in the early 1900's in the areas of Bakers Run, Creston, Elizabeth & Parkersburg, West Virginia. Full of historical photos, references that will guide you down the path thru Memory Lane. See what life and society were like "back in the good old days!"

POP TROY'S ANTHOLOGY - Relive the life's experiences, regional and cultural history of life growing up in the West Virginia hills of Junior, Belington and Rich Mountain as told by Rev. Troy Robert Brady. He wrote a historical account, titled "From Rowtown to Junior" which was published in WV GOLDENSEAL magazine in 1984. Contains several of his writings, music and poetry, as well as amusing "Country Preacher" stories. Included are some of his Sermons, biblical messages and topics ministered during his lifetime. Rev. Brady received a Master's Degree in Political Science (Magna Cum Laude) from Ohio State University; a degree in Theology from United Theological Seminary (formerly known as "Bonebrake") in Dayton, Ohio and a B.A. degree from Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio. He also served as President of Shenandoah University from 1952-56.


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A few words from those that have visited this site:

(Posted with their permission)

Dr. Marilyn Levere Taylor - Professor, D.B.A. University of Missouri - Kansas City

"Your grandfather considered himself one of my spiritual fathers --- and indeed he was.  I always felt myself privileged to have his affection and attention. As secretary for the Bradenton E.U.B. church during the early 1960s, I worked closely with Rev. Brady for several years. He continued his spiritual mentoring and wise counsel through letters for the many years thereafter. I last saw the Bradys in the late 1990s when I visited them in their home in Florida. They blessed my life."

Irene Vosburg - Bradenton, Fla.

"I am Irene Vosburg and live in Bradenton, Fl. We are friends of Jack & Dottie Aldrich. We all went to the same church your granddad preached at. It use to be a United Brethren Church and later went to Methodist. We have been members of the church for a long time. We enjoyed the Bradys very much. We always looked forward to Mrs. Brady's new letters at Christmas. In fact, I was in the Choir and Marion was also in it. I remember the choir that Rev, Brady sang in. ("Rockingham Male Chorus") They came to Florida every year. I don't think they come anymore, at least I never see it in the paper. If I remember right, the last time Mrs. Brady was in Bradenton was when we had a get-together with some of the people that went to the old church. It was at our house. I know everyone had a good time talking over old times.

Larry Huffman - Rockingham County Schools, Virginia

"Thanks for sending the information from your grandparents. They were very special residents  of the Glen and  were also a very special members of Donovan Memorial church. You can certainly reference the information on the County schools website. I recall that the pictures were first featured in the program for the first Singers Glen Music and  Heritage  festival back in 1978 and then later included on the website when it was created in the mid-1990s."

James R. Wilkins, Jr. - Chairman, Shenandoah University Board of Trustees & son of James R. Wilkins, Sr., author of "The Impossible Task", a book outlining the history of Shenandoah University.
"My father had a great deal of respect for Dr. Brady.  Living with him as I did, I grew up hearing lots of stories and compliments about Dr. and Mrs. Brady."


Curt & Bonnie Miller - Genealogical Journeys In Time

"Your site is absolutely wonderful and we really enjoyed our visit. Congratulations on a wonderful resource for family researchers!"


Chuck Plumb

"Not sure you know who I am. My name is Chuck PLUMB. I Grew up in Summit/Tuscarawas Counties in Ohio. My mom got some correspondence from the family a few years back, I believe upon the death of Troy. I ran across your excellent web site while visiting Barbour County on Ancestry.com.

I'm the son of Wilda Rucker PLUMB, daughter of Mason Samuel RUCKER and Wilma Pansy BRADY, daughter of Charles Benjamin BRADY (Rachel Ellen MOORE), son of Granville BRADY (Mary Elizabeth ROWE...or ROW), son of William Sherman BRADY (Frances Jane LEMMONS), son of John BRADY (Suzanna WARE), son of Samuel BRADY.

Question; my uncle (Rich Rucker) and I are only 4 years apart. I remember "Aunt Oleeta" (sp) visiting Grandma and Grandpa, and that we used to play with (I believe) her son, a Brady cousin we called "Stevie." I was wondering if Steve was still living, and if so, if he might have an e-mail. I'd like to at least touch base with a few of my old cousins, even 2nd and 3rd cousins.

I'm checking out your trees for the Brady's, Lemmons, Rowes, Wares, etc, and may have a few questions later. Again, let me commend you for an excellent web site."

Chuck Plumb
Wilma Pansy Brady's Grandson

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Capturing the Beauty of West Virginia (A Photo Gallery)

Augusta Heritage Center - Elkins, WV (Folklife Photo Gallery)

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