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(All the above forms of spelling have been either in family records, county histories, census reports or official court house documents of this branch of the family.) The following is your direct fine of ancestors back as far as I have been able to trace it, on the "Crislip" side of the family.

I.     Gottlieb Christlieb, born around 1700, in Germany.

    II.     Frederick Charles Christlieb, (I); wife
                Anna Catherine Buck;
                        Came to America in 1765, from Germany, with their two sons.

        III.     Jacob Chrislib, (I); Born in Germany in 1747;
                        Came to America in 1765, to Pennsylvania and later to what is now
                        Barbour County, West Virginia. Married
                    Nancy Singer. He died in 1822 and she in 1824.

            IV.     William Chrislip, 3-27-1794 to 1847, married
                        Hannah Ward, born 1796. William's will was written in April and probated
                            in May of 1847, in Barbour Co., Book #1, p. 16. Hannah Ward was the
                            daughter of Job Ward and Tabitha (Cummings) Ward.
                                (Click Here for more info on the "WARD" branch) (Posted by Dennis Ward-1997)

                V.     Rachel Elma Chrislip, 1838 to 1909, married
                           Michael Thrash, 1834 to 1903

                    VI.     Marion James Thrash, 1875 to 1931, married
                                Lillie Josephine Henderson, 1873 to 1931

                        VII.     Virginia Elizabeth Thrash, b.1907- 2002.
                                      Troy Robert Brady b. 1906- 1999

                            VIII.     Granville Marion Brady
                            VIII.     Howard Landis Brady
                        VII.     Theodore Frank Thrash
                                     Blossom Brady Thrash

                            VIII.     Adriel Brady Thrash
                            VIII.     Sharon Bea Thrash Schaible

                                      (Descendants listed under Brady and Thrash lines.)

William Crislip is buried in the Gall Hollow Cemetery, on Scales Road, Near Elk City, Barbour County, WV. His tombstone says he was born in 1791 and died April 8, 1847.

Arranged by Elizabeth Thrash Brady:
Children of Jacob Christlieb (1) and Nancy Singer Christlieb as listed in:

The Christlieb Family,
by Beal. F. Christlieb of
Minnesota, 1895

The will of Jacob Christlieb. The following are named as sons or daughters

Record of Samuel Crislip
dated 1818 and now in the possession of a lady in California.

Mary, 1780


Mary, Jan 1780

Elizabeth, 1781


Elizabeth, Sept. 5, 1741 (should be 1781)

George, Dec 22, 1782


George, Dec 22, 1742
(should be 1782)

Christina, 1785


Christina, Dec 12, 1785

Catherine, 1786


Catherine, May 9, 1786

Jacob, Sept 16, 1787



John, July 25, 1789


John, July 25, 1789

Nancy, 1790


Nancy, Oct 30, 1790

*William, March 27, 1794


William, May 27, 1794

Abram, Sept 26, 1795


Abraham, Sept 26, 1795

Margaret, Oct 16, 1797

Her Twin


Patty, Oct 16, 1797

Isaac, Oct 16, 1797


Isaac, Oct 16, 1797

Samuel, May 2, 1800


Samuel, May 2, 1800

Sarah, 1802


Sarah, April 10, 1802

*The tombstone gives the birth of William as 1791 and that he died April 8, 1847. Old cemetery on Scales Road (Originally Gall Hollow Road) near Elk City, Barbour County, West Virginia

**Margaret and Sarah are not named as such in the will, but it is safe to assume that Patty in the will is Margaret and that Sally is Sarah, since these are commonly used nicknames. Also named in the will are three grandsons, George Crowscoe or Crousoe, Jacob Reed, and James O'Connor. They, no doubt, are sons of Elizabeth Crousoe, Christina Reed and Catherine Conner. The will was probably written by a lawyer who did not verify the spelling.



Hannah (Ward) Crislip - Bor 1796. Married to William CrislipWilliam Crislip - Son of Jacob & Nancy (Singer) Crislip, born 1794 died in 1847. Married to Hannah Ward, born 1796

William Crislip, son of Jacob Crislip and Nancy Singer Crislip, was born in 1794 and died in 1847. His wife, Hannah Ward, was born in 1796. Their children were:


Perrygreen (Peregrine)

William Turner

Johnson B.


Sarah Ann, married a cousin

Martin Crislip


Hannah (Nutter)

Rachel Elma (Thrash), our ancestor




The Christlieb family originated in Germany. As far as we can learn, they first settled in what is now Barbour County, West Virginia. At the time of the early Crislip pioneers this section was a part of Harrison County, Virginia. Barbour County was formed in 1843 from sections of Harrison, Randolph and Lewis Counties. Some of the early records am still in the Harrison County Court House, although the land is in Barbour County. West Virginia was formed in 1863, when thirty nine counties in and west of the Allegheny mountains separated from Virginia to form a new state.

Roman numerals indicates the generation of each family, beginning with (I) for the progenitor. Arabic numerals indicate the order, and number, of children in each family, if known. The older information on the family was secured from an old copy of a history of the Crislip family. The book was owned by a lady on Walnut Fork, in Lewis County, West Virginia, in the early 1940's.

We were able to corroborate much of the information I have gathered on the different branches of both mine and my husband's families, during the last thirty five years, by an intensive search of courthouse records, historical societies, genealogical libraries, etc., in 1977. During the late summer and early fall of that year we searched in nineteen different counties in Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Much of the information contained in my records could never be secured now, for I "picked" it from the memory of the older generations, who have since died.

We visited Jennings Crislip in Jane Lew, West Virginia, on Monday, May 5, 1980. He is the son of the elderly lady living in Vadis, W. Va. in 1940, from whom we secured our first information on the Christlieb Family. He had a small booklet, entitled The Christlieb Family, by Benjamin F. Criestlieb, of Minnesota, 1895.

This booklet did not give Gottlieb Christlieb of Germany as the father of Frederick Charles (I). I'm sure the book from which I secured my information forty years earlier than this visit was a larger book and gave this information.

I.     Gottlieb Christlieb, of Germany. Since he had a grandson born in 1747,
            he was probably born around the turn of the century or earlier.

    II.     Frederick Charles Christlieb, (1), was born in Durkheim, Rhenish Bavaria, Germany.
                    He came to America in 1765, with his wife,
              Anna Catherine Buck, and their two sons.

        III.     1.     Frederick Charles, (II). Born 6-1-1751 at St. Gretchen, near Durkheim.
                            He may not have been the elder of the two sons, and as far as I know
                            he was "lost' to the descendants of his brother, Jacob,  who was our ancestor.
                  2.     Jacob Christlieb, (I), was born in Germany in 1747.  He married
                            Nancy Singer (born in 1755), and for a short time resided in Pennsylvania.

Jacob traveled from Carlisle, Pa., to near Phillipi, W. Va. (The log cabin where, it is said, he lived was still standing in 1985.) He raised his children there, although tradition says that the last three children were born in Pa., before they moved to W. Va., in 1793.  The family history gave the names of only eight of the children, saying the other three were "lost" to the family but all twelve are named in their father's will. The birth and death dates and names of the spouses are from the Crislip History.

Jacob died in 1822, and his wife, Nancy, in 1824. Will written April 14, 1821 and probated March Court 1822. In the body of the will the name is called "Crislip." but signed "Chrislib." Recorded in Harrison Co. Court House, Clarksburg, W. Va., Will book #3, on pages 29-31. (See p. 29). It has been established that Jacob was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. (See below)

This is a copy of the information establishing the service of Jacob Crislip in the
Revolutionary War
. The original was signed by archive official John E. Shelby.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission,
Bureau of Archives and History,
William Penn Memorial Museum and Archives Building,
Box 1026, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120

28 Feb 1980. Militia, Inactive Status:
Jacob Crislop, Enrollment Date 1777-80.
4th Company, Captain John Lamb. 7th Class,
Cumberland County Militia.
Residence Ascribed: Allen Township.
Remarks: According to an undated Class Return for the period 1777-1780.

Authority: Records of the office of the Comptroller General.
Signed: John E. Shelby, Division of Archives and Manuscripts.

(I received a copy of this report from Marjorie (Heater) Herring of 12016 Midlake Dr., Dallas, Texas, 75218, in letter dated March 17, 1980. ETB)

A copy of my records on the Crislip family line is contained in this book. If the daughters of the descendants of Jacob Chrislip should desire membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution, this should be all the proof needed, with the exception of the later documents of proof of descent, such as birth certificates. These are now easily obtained because of good courthouse records. I have photocopies of all legal documents. The historical marker (next page) is erected on route 57, between Philippi and Clarksburg, West Virginia. This picture was printed in the Barbour (County) Democrat, on August 2, 1989. Jacob Christlieb and his son, William, are buried in separate cemeteries, but both are near the location of the marker.

Descendants of Jacob (I) and Nancy Singer Chrislib:

IV.     1.     George, 12-22-1782 to 1-17-1857, married
                    Mary Rice of Pa.
        V.     1.     Jacob, (III), 1809 to 1857
                 2.     Thomas B., 1813 to 1866, married
                            Camelia Wilson, 1811 to 1866
                VI.     1.     John W., 1841, married
                                     Elizabeth Sims, about 1865
                          2.     George M., 1844
                          3.     Thomas B., 1848
                          4.     Abraham A., 1851
                          5.     Jacob L., 1854

IV.     2.     Jacob, (II), 9-16-1787, married
                    Elizabeth Reger in 1815. She died 1868
        V.     1.     Lemuel, 10-16-1822, first wife,
                            Selina Peck, married in 1845
                            Josephine Hardman, second wife.
                VI.     1.    John Luther, 1846
                          2.     Cyrus A., 1850
                          3.     Olive (Vandle) 1861

        V.     2.     Abram (minister in Kentucky.)
                 3.     Jacob A., (settled in Spencer, W. Va.)

IV.     3.    John, 7-25-1789, married
                    Margaret Harvey
                        (His will is recorded in Barbour County Court House, Philippi, W. Va.
                                Will Book 1-1/2, Page 25.)
        V.     1.     Nathan
                 2.     William
                 3.     Martin
                 4.     Malinda Callihan (In history Calahon- in will     Callihan)
                 5.     Elizabeth (Criss) (Called Ebaza Criss in will.)
                 6.     Jemima (Oneal)
                 7.     Matilda

IV.     4.     William Crislip, 3-27-1794 to 1847. married
                    Hannah Ward, born 1796.
                            (My great-grandparents. (ETB))

His will was written April 8, 1847, and probated in Barbour County Court, May term 1847. Recorded in book #1, page 16. In the body of the will his name is spelled "Crislip," but signed "Chrislib." ( See Will )

There is a deed for 50 acres of land inherited by the sons of Jacob Crislip recorded in the Harrison County Court House in Clarksburg, W. Va., in book 34, page 160. The other brothers sold their share of the land to William. The date of the deed is Feb. 9, 1826, and probated February 16th.

Another deed to William Chrislip for 300 acres of land on the Waters of Limestone Creek, in the County of Harrison in Va. (now W. Va.) Dated March 26, 1847. his witnessed by two justices of the peace in Barbour County. This land was bought from Samuel and his wife, Eleanor Jane.


Elizabeth at the grave of Jacob Christlieb (Crislip) her great-great grandfather born in Germany in 1747. Died in 1822 in Barbour County, W. Va. - Revolutionary War plaque at his grave.



Elizabeth Thrash Brady at the grave of Jacob Christlieb (Crislip), her great-great grandfather born in Germany in 1747. Died in 1822 in Barbour County, W. Va.

Revolutionary War plaque at his grave.

The old log house on scales road near Elk City which tradition says, William Crislip built as the first home for his family. The marker at his grave gives his birth as 1791 and his death as 1847. Another record gives his birth as 1794. He was the father of Rachel Elma Crislip (Thrash).



The old log house on Scales Road near Elk City which tradition says, William Crislip built as the first home for his family. The marker at his grave gives his birth as 1791 and his death as 1847. Another record gives his birth as 1794. He was the father of Rachel Elma Crislip (Thrash).

 Children of William and Hannah Ward Crislip, (V); Grandchildren, (VI)

V.     1.     Perrygreen Crislip (spelled thus in will, but "Peregrine" in Crislip History. Married
                    Barbara Ann Marple. (Helen Crislip Brady's grandparents.)
        VI.     1.     James Betellian Crislip
                  2.     Florence Annaliza Crislip
                  3.     Dom Crislip
                  4.     Ulysses Grant Crislip, 5-2-1865 married
                            Martha Alberta Casaday
                                (Parents of Helen Louise Crislip Brady. Given under Brady genealogy, page 18.)
                  5.     Hannah Lettie Crislip
                  6.     Victoria Crislip
                  7.     Olive Jemima Crislip
                  8.     Columbia Lecevea Crislip
                  9.     Fanny Segerma Crislip
                10.     Winfield Marple Crislip (Died May 3, '52, Age51.)

                        (Two children died in infancy, Cora Ellen Crislip and John Columbus Crislip

                        Children of Ulysses Grant Crislip and Martha Casaday Crislip

                VII.     1.     Ina May Crislip
                           2.     lona Francis Crislip
                           3.     Atha Gay Crislip
                           4.     Argyle Belle Crislip
                           5.     Wilbert Roy Crislip
                           6.     Hobart Ray Crislip
                           7.     Lydia Ann Crislip
                           8.     Helen Louise Crislip (Brady)

                                        Granville Bland Brady (II)
                                        (Descendants given under the Brady genealogy, Page 18.)
                           9.     Willie Raymond Crislip
                         10.     Lula Ruth Crislip

V.     2.     William Turner Crislip, married a
                    Lawson 1835 (Wm. T. 1850 C.)

V.     3.     Johnson B. Crislip, married
                    Malinda Gregory
                    (Ancestors of Maxine Crislip Turner of Ravenna, Ohio. Communicated in 1984.)

        VI.     The 1850 Census of Barbour County gives the following:
                        "Crislip, Johnson (Farmer) born in Virginia, age 25,    
                         Malinda, 27,
                         Elizabeth, 4,
                         Hannah, 1:
                        (Gregory and Elizabeth, born in Virginia, age 51.)

The Crislip History says they had twins, Barbary and Mary, born March l, 1862, and Rachel, born 6-17-1853. Children of Johnson and Melinda, Gregory and Elizabeth were probably the parents of Melinda.

V.     4.     Sebia Crislip (In the Crislip History "Sebia" is simply listed as one of the children of William and Hannah Ward Crislip, but in his will she is not mentioned but "Barbara" is listed in the will as an heir, so probably the same daughter.) Neither Sebia or Barbara were living with the mother in 1850, as neither are given in that census. William, the father, died in 1847, and by 1850 the older children had married or were living in other households.

V.     5.     Sarah Ann Crislip, married her cousin,
                    Martin Crislip. (She was probably one of the older children, and already married before the death of her father in 1847. He left her less than the other children in his will, and wrote, "It is in addition to what she has already received" Sarah and Martin had, at least, two children.)
        VI.     1.     Martin A. Crislip, 4-19-1856
                  2.     John L. Crislip, married
                            Margaret Caroline Post. This couple had four children, and after his death, she married my father's brother, John William Thrash, (Uncle Johnny.) They had six children. These are listed under the "Thrash" genealogy.
                VII.     1.     Ernest Theodore Crislip, 1-14-1875 to 1935, (Never married)
                           2.     Albert George Crislip, 7-25-1876 to 1926.
                           3.     Icy Maud Crislip, 8-25-1878 to 2-19-1940.     (Never married)
                           4.     Hiram David Crislip, 11-5-1880.

V.    6.     Drusilla Crislip
        7.     Hannah Crislip, married Hiram Nutter.
        8.     Rachel Elma Crislip, my grandmother, born Aug. 26,1838, married
                  Michael Thrash; born Jan. 2, 1834, died Oct. 5, 1903,    
                        Buried in Big Run Cemetery, near Napier, W. Va., where they made
                        their home in later years. Their descendants listed under the "Thrash"
                        genealogy. She died March 30, 1909.
        9.     Minerva Crislip, 1-26-1840 to 10-21-1937, married
                  Minter Marple.
                        (Obituary says she died 5-4-(1931?) 1932. Boat 9-17-1840. 11 children.
      10.     Susannah Crislip (in will), Susan, (in history), 1843


IV.     5.     Abraham Crislip (legal documents) Abram in History. 9-26-1795 to 9-23-1879.
                    Married Amanda Britton, 1817 to 1887.

         V.     1.     Ervin G. Crislip, 9-7-1834, married Mary M. Daniels
                 VI.     1.    W.L. Crislip
                          2.     Albert G. Crislip, 8-26-1860
                          3.     Edmund H. Crislip, 1861
                        VII.     1.     Ira Crislip
                                  2.     Stewart Crislip
                                  3.     Eva Crislip

         V.     2.     Julianna (Julia) Crislip (Corder), 1836
                  3.     Elizabeth J. Crislip (Reedee), 1843
                  4.     Eliza "Elza" Crislip, 1-16-1845, married
                                Elizabeth E. Hatherly
                    VI.     1.     Fredward Crislip

         V.     5.     Elmer Lee Crislip, probably born after 1850 census; not named in it.

            In the "1850 Census of Barbour County" Abraham and Amanda's family are listed thus: "Chrislip, Abraham, (farmer) born in Virginia (now W.Va.) age 54, Amenda, 39, Ervin G., 15, Julianna, 13,  Elizabeth, 7, Eliza A., 4: Chrislip, Barbara, age 74, all born in Virginia."

IV.     6.     Isaac Crislip, 10-16-1797 to I1-1881 (unmarried)
         7.     Samuel Crislip, 5-2-1800 to 4-13-1889, married Eleanor J. Beard
        V.     1.     Melissa Crislip, married
                                Hoff, first husband.
                                Theodore Nutter, second husband.
                2.     Virginia A. Crislip, married Job Glasscock
               VI.     1.     Ida B. Glasscock, 1867 to 1892, married Dr. R. B. Wilson
                        2.     Ralph L. Glasscock, 1869, married Emma Gray
                        3.     Laura V. Glasscock, Orlo Davis (Laura, 1872)
                        4.     Guy C. Glasscock, 1877
                        5.     Maud V. Glasscock, 1880
                        6.     Ada G. Glasscock, 1883

         V.     3.     Deniza Crislip, married ________ Reger.
                 4.     Lee Crislip (unmarried)
                 5.     Harriet Crislip, married
                                Wilson Wade
                 6.     Ray Gibson Crislip, married
                                Fanny Renolds.
               VI.     1.     Hazel Crislip
                        2.     A son

                 7.     Marcellus R. Crislip 1862, married
                                Mary V. Young
               VI.     1.    Edie or Edna J.  Crislip1889
                        2.     Hattie Crislip

Picture of Hattie & Edna in the graduating class of Phillipi High School Graduation Class of c.1910

                 8.     Mary Crislip, married David Willet
                 9.     Elizabeth Crislip, married Nicholas Crouse
               10.     Christina Crislip, married Jacob Reed
               11.     Catherine Crislip, married James Conner.
               VI.     1.     James A. (Jr.), married ____ Moore. They had three daughters:
                       VII.     1.    Mrs. Daltom
                                 2.    Mrs. Annadale
                                 3.    Mrs. Umphrey

IV. 8, 9, 10, 11: In addition to the above seven sons of Jacob Chrislib (I) given in the history, he names four daughters as heirs; Nancy, Mary, Patty and Sally.



Will of Jacob Chrislib or Crislip, written April 14, 1821 and probated in the March Court of 1822. It is recorded in Will book #3, pages 29-31, at the Harrison County Court House, in Clarksburg, W. Va. In the body of the will the name is "Crislip" but is signed, "Chrislib."

I have tried to copy this exactly as the will was written, without making corrections of any kind, except to boldface the name of our ancestor.

I Jacob Crislip of the County of Harrison in the State of Virginia do hereby make my last will and testament In manner and form following that is to say,
(First) I desire that all the perishable part of my estate be immediately sold after my decease and out of the money arising therefrom all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid -- (Secondly) After the payment of my debts and funeral expenses I give to my wife Nancy Crislip the entire possession of my dwelling house, kitchen and other out houses, together with all the dresses(?) furniture at present belonging to the said dwelling house, also one big kettle, one small oven, and one tea kettle one bed and furniture thereof also one horse beast to use at her will also that my executors hereafter named do find and provide for my said wife Nancy a comfortable and decent maintenance out of my estate during her natural life. Also it is my will and desire that my lands remain unsold and undivided during the natural life of my wife Nancy. Also I desire that during the time my wife Nancy survive me, my three sons to wit, William, Abraham, & Samuel do hold possession of all my lands to improve or cultivate at their will and for their profit and benefit inclusive of the said Maintenance of my wife Nancy during her natural life.
Also that my son Isaac do hold possession of his smith shop during the said time at his will - (Thirdly) I desire that after the decease of my wife Nancy all of my lands be sold at public sale, and out of the moneys thence arising after paying to my two sons William & Abraham fifty dollars each, the balance be equally divided among my seven sons. To wit George, Jacob, John, William, & Abraham, Isaac & Samuel, after paying Ten (?) dollars to my Daughter Mary, also Five dollars to my Grandson George Crowscoe (?) -- also five dollars to my Grandson Jacob Reed also Ten dollars to my daughter Nancy Owrs, also to my Daughters Patty & Sally ten dollars each, also I desire that my said daughters Patty and Sally have out of my personal estate One Cow, One Bed & furniture thereof and one Spinning wheel each also that my Grandson James Oconner have one horse beast and saddle & a new suit of clothes to be given to him when he comes to be twenty one years of age. (Fourthly)- all the rest of my estate both real and Personal of what nature or kind soever it might be not herein particularly disposed of I desire that it be equally divided - among my several sons hereinfore named which I give to them, their heirs executors administrators and assigns forever. And (Lastly) I do hereby constitute and appoint my friend Samuel Hall and my son William Crislip  executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other or former wills or testaments by me heretofore made.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 14th day of April in the year of our Lord 1821

Signed, sealed and
declared in the presence                                             Jacob Chrislib (seal)
    of us-
    David Hall                                                             March Court 1822 proved
    Samuel C. Hall                                                      ordered to be recorded


This is a copy of the will of one of my great-grandfather's. Written April 8, 1847 and probated in Barbour County Court at the May term of the same year. It is recorded in book #1, page 16. My great-grandfather bought all the 50 acres in one tract, which he and his six brothers had received by will from their father, Jacob Chrislib. Shortly before his death, he bought another 300 acres from his brother Samuel and wife Eleanor Jane. The cost was $217.08. He paid $50.00, and the remainder was to be paid in two annual payments. This transaction took place March 26, 1847. His will was written about two weeks later and probated less than two months after it was written. It seems odd that he would be buying land on time payments if he thought his death was impending. Was his death unexpected, or was he making better provision for his family because he knew he would not live long? I wonder!

I William Crislip of the County of Barbour and state of Virginia, do hereby make my last will and testament, in the manner and form following To wit, First: I desire, that all my lands shall remain in the entire possession, and under the controll, and for the only use of my wife, Hannah to farm, lease rent or manage in any way whatsoever to the best of her skill and ability in the purpose of her own comfort, and living, and for the comfort and living and raising of my children during her natural life. Furthermore, I desire that she shall have all the farming utensils, House hold and Kitchen furniture, with entire possession of all the houses and outer buildings with all things appertaining thereto to have and to hold and manage at her own will and discretion So long as she shall live after my decease. I also give and bequeath to her my bay Baldfaced Horse and two milch cows also three head of hogs furthermore: I desire that after the decease if my Wife Hannah, that my son Perrygreen shall have fifty acres of land off the southeast end of my faun on which he lives by paying three hundred dollars to my daughters first therein named as follows, to my daughter Barbara one hundred dollars and to my daughter Drusilla one hundred dollars and to my daughter Hannah one hundred dollars. Furthermore, I desire that my son Johnson Shall have thirty acres of land off of the northwest end of my farm so as to include the house (after the decease of my wife Hannah) by paying one hundred and fifty dollars, as follows, to my daughter  Rachel one hundred dollars, the remaining fifty dollars to my daughter Sarah in addition to what I have already given her. The remaining part of my land, I give to my son William Tamer, by his paying two hundred and fifty dollars, as follows: to my daughter Minerva, one hundred dollars, to my daughter Susannah, one hundred dollars, and the remaining fifty dollars to be equally divided between my four youngest daughters Hannah, Rachel, Minerva and Susannah to be appropriated in bedding to their use. Lastly, I do hereby constitute my friend Aquilla Ward and my wife Hannah Crislip Executors of this my last will and Testament, hereby making all other or former wills or testaments by me heretofore made null and void.

Signed in presence of

John Ward                     April 8th, 1847
Aquila Ward
John N. Hall                 William X Chrislib



December 17, 1978

Photostatic copies of the following legal papers are now in our possession.

1. The will of my great-great-grandfather, Jacob Crislip. The last name is not always spelled the same way, even though the same person is involved. This will is dated April 14, 1821, and probated in the March term of court of 1822. It is recorded in Will Book 3, pages 29 to 31, at the Harrison County, W. Va., Court House in Clarksburg, W. Va. (See Page 59, Thrash section.)

2. The Deed, or Indenture, for 50 acres of land inherited by the seven sons of the above Jacob Crislip. Six of the brothers deeded their share of the land to the other brother, William Crislip, William is one of my great-grandfathers. The deed is signed by the six brothers and three wives. Namely: George, Mary, Jacob (H), Elizabeth, John, Margaret, Abraham, Samuel, and Isaac. (All Crislips.)

3. Another deed to William Chrislip, last name spelled with an "h" all through this document This deed was from Samuel Crislip and his wife, Eleanor Jane, for 300 acres of land, on the waters of Limestone Creek, in the County of Harrison, Va. (Later W. Va.) It was dated March 26, 1847, and witnessed by two justices in Barbour County the next day. It was probated in Harrison County, W. Va., March 30, 1847.

4. The will of my great-grandfather, William Crislip (above), dated April 8, 1847, and probated in the May term of court of that year. It is recorded in book 1, page 16, in the Barbour County Court House, Philippi, W. Va. (See Page 60, Thrash Section.)

5. A deed from my great-grandfather, Robert Henderson and wife, Lucinda, to their son, William Warder Henderson, my grandfather. This deed was for the 1/8 interest in land which Robert Henderson inherited from his father, William Henderson. This deed is recorded in D'd Book 13, page 165, in Nelson County, Virginia. It is dated April 29, 1850 and recorded February 24, 1851. (We secured a photo static copy of the original document October 4, 1977.)

6. The will of one of my great-great-grandfathers, John M. Wingfield, dated 7-9-1849, and probated 8-6-1849. Recorded in D'd-Will Book 19, Pages 151 and 152, in Albemerle County, Virginia. The court house is in Charlottesville. (See Page 69 of the Thrash Section.)

7. The will of the wife of John M. Wingfield, Ann (Buster) Wingfield, recorded in book 23, page 486. Her will is dated 8-26-1855 and Probated 1-7-1856. Their children are listed in both wills. (Her will is on Page 71 of the Thrash Section.)

8. John M. Wingfield and Ann Buster's wedding bond was secured 12-28-1797. The family is also listed on page 320 D, in "Index to Miscellaneous Papers," by W. L. Maupin.

9. A "Deed of Gift" by my great-great-grandmother, Elizabeth Lobban, to her children, dated 1-6-1827. Recorded 5-28-1827, recorded in Book 6, Page 103. (See pages 84-85). Nelson County Court House, Lovinston, Va.

10. Lillie J. Henderson’s and Marion James Thrash's marriage license, Book 3, Braxton County, W. Va., at Sutton. The license states they were married at the home of E. A. Henderson. (Elizabeth Ann Henderson, my mother's mother. Her husband had died before Lillie's marriage.)



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