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Troy Robert & Elizabeth Thrash Brady
Troy Robert &
Elizabeth Thrash Brady


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Age: 114
Married 5 times
29 children

 Chickamauga, GA
circa. 1898 (?)

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Contact: Robin Metcalf

UPDATE: 5-1-2003

Possibly found a connection at Rootsweb Message Board. Click here for that posting

 Mar 6, 2003

Posted by Denise Maddox

Born near Richmond, VA, December 25, 1820. Died December 17, 1943 at his residence in Chickamuga National Military Park only 8 days before his 123rd birthday. He was married 5 times and the father of 29 children. Coat shown was presented to him by General Grant.


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PIONEER BRADYS & Genealogical Lines
The Brady Family In America
John Brady & Suzannah Ware
William Sherman Brady
Granville Bland & Mary E. (Row) Brady
Walter Parley & Sarah Bergia (Knaggs) Brady
Deed to Rich Mountain Property
Rich Mountain Poem by Troy R. Brady
Oil Painting of Rich Mountain Cabin

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The Row Family History
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Lemon - Lemmon Family


Knaggs Family History
Knaggs - Brady Genealogy

Sarah Bergia (Knaggs) Brady


Squires - Mathew - Matthews - Knaggs - Brady


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5-7-2003 - Recent findings raise some points &

conclusions about our Thrash lineage - by Howard Brady


The Thrash Family In America

The Thrush - Thrash Line of Descent

John Thrash (III) & Rachel Omsteott

Michael Thrash & Rachel Elma Crislip

Descendants of Michael & Rachel

Last Will of Michael Thrash

Letter from Michael Thrash

Marion James Thrash &
    Lillie Josephine Henderson


Thrash Family Photographs


Christlieb - Chrislib - Chrislip - Crislip

Jacob Crislip - Revolutionary War Certificate

Historic Chrislip Roadside Marker

Last Will of Jacob Chrislib (I) 1821

Last Will of William Chrislip 1847



Robert C. Wingfield

Wingfield - Buster - Hudson

Tenmile Baptist Church

Last Will of John M. Wingfield

Last Will of Ann (Buster) Wingfield

Wingfield Land Transactions


Lobban - Copeland - Henderson

Last Will (Deed of Gift) of Elizabeth Lobban

William Warder Henderson


CONCLUSION by Elizabeth Thrash Brady

Afterword by Robert M. Brady


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Keyser Tribune - Keyser, Mineral County, WV

Published on March 23, 1913


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