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John Wingfield (I) (b.1700) - John M. Wingfield (b.1765) - Robert Clark Wingfield (1802-1868)

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In 1942 my husband and I, with our two sons, moved to Harrisburg in Franklin County, Ohio. This was the county just east of Madison County, where the descendants of Aunt Amanda Henderson Tenney lived. Two of my great uncles, brothers of my grandmother, Elizabeth Ann Wingfield Henderson, had settled in Madison County, and the Tenneys followed them there. My cousin, Ina Tenney Foster, was also interested in genealogy and I was able to secure some information concerning my mother's side of the family from her.

Ina told me that my mother was named "Cordelia Josephine" when she was born. If she ever talked of this in my presence it was only incidental, and I had forgotten it, but some of the older members of my family remembered that this was true. Later my sister, Ruby Nicolais, said that a few days after her birth Grandfather took one of the smaller children on his knee and said, "What will we call the baby?" and the child replied, "Let's call her Lillie," and Lillie she became, as far as all official documents are concerned.

On October 29, 1977, we worked for two or three hours in the library at Martinsburg, W. Va., in the genealogical department. Here we found several volumes of history on the counties of W. Va. They are a reprinting of Hiram H. Hardesty's "History of West Virginia Counties." The original volume was not in the library, and no dates were given in the reprinting. On Sept. 19, 1978 we stopped at the printing establishment of Jim Comstock, in Richwood, and learned that the information began to appear in 1883, and continued for a number of years. He was responsible for the new copies which had been issued, and was also the editor and owner of the "Hillbilly " newspaper. Here we bought the volume on Calhoun, Pocahontas, Braxton and Berkeley which was printed in 1973. It was in a copy of this book in the library that I found an account of Grandfather, William W. (Warder) Henderson's Civil War record. (See p. 118) This was the first confirmation I had heard, that Mother had really been named Cordelia instead of Lillie, for her name was listed thus in the history.

Robert C. Wingfield

The following excerpt is from a book, History of Madison County, Ohio, by Chester E. Bryan, published in 1915. It belonged to my first cousin, Ina Tenney Foster, who lived in London, Ohio, in 1942, when I copied it from that book. Her explanation for the fact that Robert C. Wingfield was included in the history was that the author included the background of prominent families in Madison County.

"Robert C. Wingfield was born in 1802 in Albemarle Co., Va., where he remained until 1840, when he emigrated to the state of Missouri, traveling in a covered wagon. Sixty miles west of St. Louis he purchased a farm and remained them for same time. While living on this place in Lincoln Co., he was thrown from a horse and injured for life. Returning to his old home in Va. in 1849 he bought 400 acres of land; later he sold this and purchased 518 acres in Upshur County, Va. in 1854, and resumed his agricultural pursuits. Born in 1802 he passed away in the month of February, in the year 1867, at age 65 years. Robert C. Wingfield was the son of John and Anna Buster Wingfield, both natives of Virginia, and his wife was Eliza (Louisa) Elsom (or Elsham) Wingfield, born in 1811, Died in 1887 at the age of 76 years. To Robert C. Wingfield and Louisa Elsom were born 12 children."

Addendum- The following is an excerpt that I found on 4-26-2003 about the Robert C. Wingfield family settling in Ten Mile. RmB

"In the fall of 1850 Robert C. Wingfield with his family came in a wagon from Nelson County, Virginia. He purchased a tract of about 500 acres of land on Upper Ten Mile. They found a family of Herndon's who had previously emigrated from Nelson County, Virginia, already living here. How long they had been here the writers of this history have not been able to ascertain but they had, at the time the Wingfield's came, a fair sized farm cleared and under cultivation. The Wingfield's spent their first winter in a cabin that had been deserted by an earlier settler. This cabin did not satisfy their desire for a better home, more in keeping with the one they had left behind; so the following spring they began the erection of the large log house which still stands on the farm owned by Robert Shaw. In order to make this cabin home as comfortable and attractive as possible they made lath by hand and hauled lime from Rich Mountain to make plaster.


"A little later John L. Tenney bringing his family in a wagon drawn by an ox team left New England in search of a new home. Upon arriving at Ten Mile, he decided to cast his lot here and he settled on the farm now owned by his grandson J. L. Tenney. (Note: This reference to John L. Tenney is incorrect. It should be James Tenney. See "History of Sago Community," the paragraph titled "The James Tenney Story.")


"Many indeed were the hardships endured by these old pioneers in their struggle to conquer the wilderness. The story is handed down to us of how the oldest settlers on Laurel Run would frighten the savage panther by throwing live coals at him as he waited in the darkness to pounce upon them while they were boiling sugar water late at night.

Primary Source: "A BRIEF HISTORY OF TEN MILE COMMUNITY" Prepared By Artie J. Norvell and Ruth Spiker 1927
Secondary Source:


Robert C. Wingfield, born in 1802, in Virginia. Died in 1868 in West Virginia. (What is now W. Va. declared its independence from the state of Virginia in 1863, due to different loyalties during the Civil War.)

His wife, Eliza S. (Elsom) Wingfield born in 1811, died 1889. Thus couple were buried on their farm, as was a daughter in-law and a granddaughter. After we visited the graves in the late 1970s the property was sold to a coal company for strip mining. The remains, along with the monuments, were moved to the Baptist Church Cemetery, in Ten Mile, W. Va.


Elizabeth Brady at the private graveyard on the old Wingfield property. (Upshur County)



Elizabeth Brady at the private graveyard on the old Wingfield property. (Upshur County)


Ina Foster thought that one or two of the Wingfield sons fought in the Civil War, and that one or two children died in infancy. The following is from a letter written by Ira Tenney Foster to our third cousin, Artie Norvill (with a copy to me), January 10, 1979:

"When Robert C. Wingfield left Missouri he sold a slave he had taken with him from Virginia. When he got back to Va., the mother of the negro boy burst into tears and said, "You all got back home but my poor boy."

I met two of my third cousins in 1978, who are also great-grandchildren of Robert C. Wingfield, Artie Jane and Roy Norville. They still live in the house built on the section of land given to their grandfather, Robert E. Wingfield, when the farm was divided. Artie said she thought the "S" in our great-grandmother's name was for "Selina" and that the "C" in his name was for "Clark".

Our research in the summer and fall of 1977 proved that there are several minor errors in the Madison County, Ohio, account. The tombstone of Robert C. (Clark) Wingfield states that he was born Dec. 22, 1802 and died, not in 1867, but Feb. 8, 1868. The Register of Marriages and Deaths in the Upshur County Court House in Buckhannon, W. Va., page 23, gives his death as "February 1868," The day of the month is not given in the register. His wife's name was not "Louisa" or "Elsham" but Eliza S. Elsom before her marriage. Her tombstone has the inscription, "Eliza S., wife of R. C. Wingfield, born Jan. 12, 1811. Died Sept, 6, 1889," not 1867. The parents of Robert C. Wingfield were John Wingfield and Ann Buster, not Anna. The wills of both John Wingfield and his wife, Ann Buster Wingfield are reproduced for this family history.

(Jan. 18, 1993-A few years after we visited the graves of Robert C. Wingfield and his wife this farm was sold to a coal company for surface mining. The remains of those buried there, along with the impressive marker, were moved to the cemetery near the Baptist Church in Tenmile, W. Va. These two had been charter members of that church. Either the cemetery had not been established, or the family wanted a family graveyard on their own property. Many such families did this in those early years.)

Wingfield - Buster - Bustard - Hudson

On September 2, 1977 we did some research on the records of the Historical Society of Albemarle County, Virginia, in Charlottesville, There we secured the following information from a History of Virginia of the American Historical Society, Volume 4, page 49. (Generations will be marked with Roman numerals, beginning with the oldest on which I have been able to trace as (I).



I.     John Wingfield (I), was born in Hanover County, Virginia in 1700. He married Mary Hudson, also of Hanover, who was the daughter of Charles Hudson. There is a record of two sons, John M. and Edward C. There may have been other children, but John M. Wingfield is our ancestor. Edward C., born 10-20-1820.

II.     John M. Wingfield was born in Albemarle County Va., May 6, 1765, wife
                Ann Buster, born Sept. 29, 1776. They were married Dec. 28, 1797.
                    They, too may have been the parents of several children, but I have tried    
                    to trace only the line of my son’s great-great grandparents,
                     Robert C. and Eliza S. Elsom Wingfield.

October 4, 2005


Jack Buster [] has called our attention to problems in the Wingfield section of Kinfolk, and provided information for the following additions and corrections. Thanks, Jack.

1. Kinfolk indicates that John M. Wingfield is the son of John Wingfield (I). Since John (I) was born in 1700 and John M. was born in 1765, this is unlikely. There is probably a generation between the two, for which we have no information at present.
2. Edward C. Wingfield is NOT the brother of John M. Wingfield as suggested in Kinfolk. He is a son, or perhaps grandson. The date of his birth given in Kinfolk (October 20, 1820) is correct, as confirmed by his tombstone in the Wingfield Cemetery near Charlottesville, Virginia in Albemarle County. Note that he is not in Elizabeth Brady’s line of descent.
3. The Buster information in Kinfolk is essentially correct. John M. (Moore) Wingfield’s wife, Ann Buster’s birth date and place of birth given in Kinfolk is verified by Jack (September 29, 1776, Albemarle County, Virginia). She died 26 July 1849, also in Albemarle County. Jack also confirms that Ann Buster’s parents were John Buster (1737-1820) and Elizabeth Woods (born ca.1742, died before 1808).
4. Jack Buster’s records also confirm that the middle name of Robert C. Wingfield (1802-1868) is, in fact “Clark.”


Jack indicates that the children of John Moore Wingfield are:

- Robert Clark Wingfield (Elizabeth Brady’s ancestor)
- John
- Margaret
- Mildred
- Richard
- Martha
- Elizabeth
- Lucy
- Sarah
- David
- Edward C.


More "Buster, Bustard" info at: (This site has "William Bustard/Buster" listed "of Donegal", ca. 1694)

(The following information was secured from "History of Albemarle Co., Virginia" by Rev. Edgar Woods, page 158.)

"A family named Buster (Bustard) settled in the county soon after its formation. Its head was William  Buster. As early as 1749 his wife, Elizabeth, was left a widow. He had at least two sons, John and Claudius, who were the owners of more than 300 acres of land on the north fork of Hardware River. John died in 1820 at age 83. He was twice married, first to Elizabeth Woods and then Alice Gilliom. His children were Ann, the wife of John Wingfield (m. 12-20-1797) and Martha, the wife of Matthew Wingfield (m. 11-28-1802), Sarah (Dedman), Margaret (Foster), Elizabeth (Moore), Patience (Wheat), Claudius and David."


            III.     Robert C. (Clark?) Wingfield, 12-22-1802 to 2-8-1868
                        Eliza S. (Selina?) Elsom, 1-12-1811 to 9-6-1889
                    IV.     1.     John Ruben, 2-9-1834 (moved to Madison Co., Ohio) Wife,
                                        Sarah E.
                              2.     Marcellus Clark (Moved to Madison Co., Ohio)
                              3.     Martin Dawson
                                (Martin., Nelson, Flavius and Robert E. all died in Upshur County, W.Va..)
                              4.     Nelson Washington
                              5.     Flavius Joseph, wife,
                                        Linda M. born 1-1-1852 to 6-10-1891
                              6.     Lucy, married
                                        Felton Taylor, moved to Oklahoma, 12 children.
                              7.     Robert Edward, 12-18-1835 Died in 1905 (His obituary typed)
                                        Sarah Jane Harlan, 74-1833 to 2-27-1887
                            V.     1.     Adelina (Ludridge)
                                     2.     Selina E. 5-9-1873 to 6-19-1888  (Tombstone)(called Fannie)
                                     3.     Willa Ann
                                                Warren Norville
                                    VI.     1.     Artie lane. Never married.
                                                        Taught school for 40 years. Lives on a section of the
                                                        original Wingfield farm, near Ten Mile, W, Va.
                                                        Gave me a part of generation IV above.
                                              2.     Roy Edward. Unmarried. Lived with Artie, in 1978
                                              3.     Glen Hansel, married
                                                        Ola Gaylor
                                                        Helen Carter
                                              4.     Ada Ruth, married
                                                        Darrel Hollon
                                              5.     Causbie Lee, married
                                                        French Ervin.
                                                    (Had terminal cancer in 1978 when we talked with her sister, Artie.)

                    IV.     8.     Margaret
                                        William Barb
                             V.     1.     Leona
                                      2.     Bernard
                                      3.     Walker
                                      4.     Lula

                    IV.     9.     Elizabeth Ann Wingfield, b. 5-11-1832 in Albemarle Co., Va.
                                                d. 1- -1908 in Braxton Co., W. Va. m. 9-20-1852
                                        William Warder Henderson, b. 9-20-1825 in Nelson Co., Va.
                                                d. 3-1-1887 in Braxton Co., W. Va.
                             V.     1.     Infant son, b. 5-9-1853, lived eight days (in Nelson County)
                                      2.     Eliza Lucinda (Barnette) 1854 to 1928
                                      3.     Robert Alexander, b. 1856
                                      4.     Mary Frances, 1858 to 1914 or '15
                                      5.     John Hiter, (Dutch) 1859 to 1896
                                      6.     Amanda Jane (Tenney) 1861 to 2-13-1942
                                      7.     Margaret Susan (Meg)(Humphreys), 1864 to 1915
                                      8.     Mildred May (Carder) 1865 to 1931
                                      9.     William Henry, 11-2-1867 to 5-27-1895
                                    10.     Martha Emaline, 1869 to 1941
                                    11.     Edward Morgan, 1871
                                    12.     Lillie Josephine, 2-22-1873 m 3-19-1931
                                                Marion James Thrash, 2-15-1875 to 4-1-1931


                                    VI.    2.    Virginia Elizabeth Thrash 1907 - 2002

                                                      Troy Robert Brady 1906 - 1999


                                            VII.    2.     Howard Landis Brady 1935 -                                              


                                                    VIII.      1.       Robert Martin Brady 1958 -

                    IV.     10.     Eliza (Osborn)
                               V.     1.     Susanna
                                        2.     Sally
                                        3.     Van Beuren
                                        4.     Chessley
                                        5.     Emma
                                        6.     Elliott
                                        7.     Reta (Shockley)

Eliza Elsom Wingfield had at least one brother. He had four children, Stewart, Mary, Lee and Ruth.

In researching records in the Upshur County Court House in Buckhannon, W. Va. I found the recorded deed to the 518 acres mentioned in the history. It is recorded in Deed Book "B," on page 416. The deed was made by John G. Jackson ux Selina, m Robert C. Wingfield of the County of Nelson (Va.) Nov, 24, 1855 instead of 1854, Cost 1150. 518 acres on the waters of Tenmile. On the edge of the deed was written, "delivered to R. C. Wingfield March 27, 1856."



The indented section was extracted from a little booklet put out in 1963, by the Home Demonstration Clubs of Upshur County, on the centennial churches in that county. The governor presented each church a Centennial Certificate in 1963, which was the 100th anniversary of the birth of West Virginia.

The R. C. Wingfields mentioned in the article are Robert Clark Wingfield and his wife Eliza S. (Elsom) Wingfield, who are Marion and Howard Brady's great-great grandparents on their mother's side. Adriel Thrash and his sister, Sharon Schaible, have the same relationship to this couple, on their father's side. Robert C. Wingfield and his wife, Eliza, am buried on the old Wingfield farm At the time of this writing it is owned by the Paul Shaw family, near Ten Mile, in Upshur County, West Virginia. He was born Dec. 22, 1802 and died Feb. 8, 1868. There are just four graves on the family graveyard, the two above, a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter. Eliza was born Jan. 12, 1811 and died Sept 6, 1889. The Robert E. (Edward) Wingfield and John R. were sons of the R. C. Wingfields.


    "The Tenmile Baptist Church was organized by seven people who had immigrated from Virginia: H. H. Leigh; the R. C. Wingfields; R E. Wingfield; the George T. Herndons, and John R. Wingfield. Being members of Baptist churches in Nelson and Taylor counties, Virginia, their first move was to establish a new church in this wilderness beyond the mountains.". . .[From paragraphs which do not mention the Wingfields, but give early history of church.)
    "R. C. Wingfield bought 531 acres of land at 2 an acre, sight unseen, through a land agent in Virginia. His home church, Adial Baptist Church, still stands at Nellysford, Virginia. He and his wife, Eliza, are buried in a private cemetery on the Paul Shaw property-Eliza in her good black burying dress which she had kept for many years in waiting. Preacher Barb preached Mother Wingfield's service and at the same time that of his grandson, although they were buried weeks before."

Troy and I did a lot of research in the court houses in Nelson and Albemarle Counties, Virginia, September 1, and Oct 4, 1977. Our research was really fruitful on my (Elizabeth) side of the family. We secured several certified copies of legal documents concerning my ancestors, the Wingfields and Hendersons.

While on one of these research trips we visited the Adial Baptist Church, and was shown through by the caretaker. The pastor was not at home and the gentleman could not tell us anything about the old records. The old church had been extensively remodeled, and was quite a nice country church structure, with its additions.


Addendum- 4-25-2003: I found this historical reference to the church today. RmB

"Even the life in the wilderness did not lessen the religious zeal of the early settlers. About the year 1857 Robert C. Wingfield; J. .Wingfield; R. E. Wingfield and wife of Adile Baptist Church of Nelson County Virginia; George T. Herndon of Walnut Grove Baptist Church of Nelson County, Virginia; and H. H. Leigh organized the Ten Mile Baptist Church. Once each month Rev.George Brown of Buckhannon came and preached at either the home of the Wingfields or Herndons. He always found his faithful congregation waiting for him unless kept away by some good reason. Money being scarce, stores far away, and travel inconvenient the people paid the minister no salary but shared their food and clothing, many times they paid him with buckwheat flour, or home made sugar. One old settler says he distinctly remembers when a boy seeing his father give Rev. Brown a cake of homemade sugar moulded in a dishpan. As the needs of the community grew the need of a church building was seen. Records ofthe church show that in 1873 they began planning to build a place of worship. Many indeed were the sacrifices that had to be made to build it. In 1882 it was begun and completed in a few years after a long, hard and patient struggle by the little band of workers. Their splendid cooperation might well be an example for any community today.

"When the church was finished it was far better than any home in the community, it was in fact the only frame building. It is still standing and used. Flavius Wingfield and A. W. Tenney were the carpenters. Flavius Wingfield furnished the timber and made the shingles by hand for the whole building.

"When several settlers had come to live near Mr. Goodwin at Ten Mile a Rev. Archer from Buckhannon came up and held a revival meeting in a school house. From this meeting grew the Ten Mile Methodist Episcopal Church. At that time Clarence Howard had a saw mill on Laurel Run. He gave the lumber which was hauled to Buckhannon, to a planing mill and then hauled back to Ten Mile. The church is still standing a memorial to the early settlers who did so much for it.

Primary Source: "A BRIEF HISTORY OF TEN MILE COMMUNITY" Prepared By Artie J. Norvell and Ruth Spiker 1927
Secondary Source:

I.     John Wingfield (1), born in Hanover Co., Va., in 1700
            Mary Hudson

    II.     John M. Wingfield, born in 1765 in Albemarle Co., Va., (Will)
                Ann Buster, born in 1776 (Will)

        III.     Robert C. Wingfield, 1802 to 1868
                    Eliza S. Elsom, 1811 to 1889

            IV.     Elizabeth Ann Wingfield, 1832 to 1908
                        William Warder Henderson, 1825 to 1887

                V.     Lillie Josephine Henderson, 1873 to 1931
                            Marion James Thrash, 1875 to 1931

                    VI.     Virginia Elizabeth Thrash, 1907-2002
                                Troy Robert Brady, 1906-1999
                        VII.     Granville Marion Brady
                                   Howard Landis Brady
                        VII.     Adriel Brady Thrash
                        VII.     Sharon Thrash Schaible
                        VII.     All other grandchildren of Marion and Lillie Thrash.

A copy of the will of John M. Wingfield, a great-great-great-grandfather of Marion and Howard Brady, on their mother's side. The will is dated July 9, 1849, and probated August 6, 1849. Will Book #____, Page #_____ Albemarle County Court House in Charlottesville, Virginia. (I have tried to type the will as nearly as possible as written, in regard to indentation, punctuation, spelling and capitalization)



I, John M. Wingfield of Albemarle County and State of Virginia, being in feeble health, but sound in mind and memory do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, revoking all others of whatever kind or sort:
In the name of God Amen, after yeilding my life and being to my Great Creator who fast gave it me, I then bequeath my Estate both real & personal as follows      Viz:
Item 1 - After first paying all the just debts I owe, I give to my beloved wife Ann Wingfield during her natural life, the following property, real and Personal Viz: All the tract of land on which I now reside; together with the following negroes: & other personal Estate - Slaves Mat, Sam, Jack, Sarah, George, Julie & old Nan, and four choice horses, one Choice Wagon and gear, my borouche & harness three choice cows and calves, twelve choice sheep, two thousand Pounds of Pork, two sous and pigs, ten shoats and such plantation utensels as she may need & all the household and kitchen furniture one hundred Barrells of Corn, one hundred Bushels wheat, one hundred Bushels of oats, and what rough food she may desire to Keep; The whole of which property both real and personal (except the negroes) shall at the death of my wife be sold by my executors and they are hereby authorized and empowered to make a good and valid right and deed of conveyance to the same The Negroes I wish divided into lots as equal as practicable and some or all my children to take them at valuation price & be paid for by them, so as to give to all an equal amount or value--then the proceeds of the afore named property shall be divided equally between my children and Mary Caroline Wingfield, daughter of my son John B. Wingfield dec (who is to have an equal share with each of my children in my whole Estate)-In the division of the dower negroes the old woman Nan is excepted, as she is to be allowed to choose a home with either of my children, be free and supported out of my Estate:
Item 2 -- I desire all the property (except the negroes) to be sold as soon as convenient after the installment of the executors and the proceeds of such sale to be divided equally amongst all my children and Mary C Wingfield (My Grand-daughter) as before noted. And the negroes to be divided into equal parcels amongst all my children and Mary C. Wingfield and not sold, as I do not desire they should go out of the family.
Item 3 -- I desire that my wife pay to Robert C. Wingfield [*] my son, during her natural life Seventy five dollars annually out of the crops made on the farm, which is over and above the amounts my other children gets on account of his (Robert C Wingfields) misfortunes.
Item 4 - I desire that my daughter Mildred C Lobban [**] reside with her mother during the single life of the said Mildred C Lobban-free From any charge for board
Item 5 - I desire that my son Richard W Wingfield have the management of his mothers property during his life and all her business.
Item 6 -- If Mary Caroline Wingfield should die without one lawful heir of her body, all the property which I have willed to her, shall return to my Estate and be equally divided amongst all my children
Item 7 -- All the legacy which I have left to Mary Caroline Wingfield shall be in trust in the hands of Richard W. Wingfield
Item 8 - I desire that all Property which I have heretofore given my children and all the money which I have paid for them, shall be accounted for, by them in the settlement of my Estate, at the price named in a small book to be found amongst my papers, all share and share alike with the exceptions heretofore named (the book spoken of is in the hands of S O Moon)
Item 9 - And lastly-I constitute and appoint my beloved & much esteemed sons Richard M Wingfield & Edward C Wingfield my executors to this my last Will and Testament.

                In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & affixed my seal this 9-day of July 1849.

                                                                                    John M Wingfield (Seal)
                                                                                Probated August term of court 1849.
S O Moon
Thomas Q Can
Wm. H Turner.

* The Robert C. Wingfield referred to in Item 3 is Marion and Howard Brady great-great grandfather; the same relationship to Adriel and Sharon Thrash Schaible. The misfortune of our ancestor would have puzzled me, when I found this will in 1977, had I not copied the account of his crippling injury when he was thrown from a horse, in my "Family Book" See excerpt from A History of Madison Co, Ohio, by Chester E. Bryan, published in 1915 (previously quoted).
** Mildred Lobban married an Abell before the death of her mother.

Ann (Buster) Wingfield Will

A copy of the will of Ann (Buster) Wingfield, wife of John M. Wingfield, and one of the great-great-great grandmothers of Marion and Howard Brady and of Adriel and Sharon Thrash.


I Ann Wingfield of the County of Albemarle and State of Virginia being in feble health but sound of mind and disposing memory. knowing the uncertainties of human life doth dispose of all my property in manner and for following:
Item 1st I will all my Just debts be paid.
Item 2nd. I give to my Grand Daughter Lucy Jane Dillard the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars in Cash. also one half of all the bed clothing. Table cloths towels [?] to which I am entitled.
Item 3d. I give and bequeath to my Grand daughter Martha M. Herndon the sum of fifty dollars in money. Also the remaining half of all my bed cloths table cloths towels &c and in addition to this I give her my Riding Saddle. These special legacies I give to my grand Daughters above named in consideration of their kindness and attention to me during my sickness
Item 4th. The remaining portion of my property I wish divided equally between all my children with these two exceptions. My daughter Sally R Hopkins is dead and has left four children--the portion to which she would be entitled I will shall be placed in the hands of my Executor to be equally distributed between her four children as their necessities my require.
My daughter Mildred C. Abell has no child and is in feeble health the portion to which she my be entitled I leave in the hands of Richard Wingfield (my son & executor) the legal interest of which he shall pay to her during her natural life and at her death my said Exor shall appropriate it. principal & interest to the exclusive use and benefit of Sallie R. Hopkin's four children as their necessities my require and in any way that he may think best.
Item 5th. I hereby appoint my son Richard Wingfield my sole Executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other wills. In witness whereby I hereunto set my hand and seal this 26th day of August 1855,

Witness                                                                     her
Wm. H. Turner                                                 Ann X Wingfield
Thomas O Carr                                                      mark
James H Shephard                                     Probated Jan. 7, 1856

Recorded in Will Book #23, Page 486, Albemarle County, Virginia (Charlottesville)


Married 12-28-1797. Children mentioned in the will of John M. Wingfield and his wife Ann (Buster) Wingfield. His will Probated in 1849, hers in 1856:

Richard S. Wingfield, executor of both wills.
Edward C. Wingfield, executor, with his brother, of his father's will.
Robert C. Wingfield, our ancestor
John B. Wingfield, deceased before the death of either parent, daughter Mary C.
Mildred C. Lobban, widowed or divorced at time of fathers will, married Abell before the writing of her mother's will.
Sallie R. Hopkins, deceased before the death of her mother.



Albemarle County, Va.:
Deed Book 32, page 447 Bought of David and Lucy Wood for 750.00, 194 acres on Sept 2, 1835.

Deed Book 36, page 256, from (?), for 800.00, 194 acres on Nov. 10, 1836.

Deed Book 37, page 482, from Rubin Elsom, for 1,061.03, 200 acres, on Feb. 26, 1840. To pay 176.84 yearly.

Moved to Missouri in 1840.

Deed Book 51, page 178, sold to Robert Hammer 200 acres bought from Win, Elsom. (?) August 21, 1840.

Deed Book 51, page 443, Sold his dower rights and interest to the estate of his mother to his brother, Richard W. Wingfield, for 600.00 on Aug. 16, 1849.

Upshur County, West Virginia:

Deed Book "B" page 416, bought from John G. Jackson ux Selina, to Robert C. Wingfield of Nelson County, Virginia, 518 acres on the waters of Tenmile, Nov. 24, 1855. Cost 1150. On the edge of the deed is written, "Delivered to R. C. Wingfield March 27, 1856."

Deed Book "C," page 238. Deed for 103 acres (?) sold to their son, Robert Edward Wingfield, by Robert C. and wife, Eliza Wingfield, on Tenmile Creek Deed dated May 30, 1850, but not recorded until July l, 1857.

Deed Book "C," page 398. Robert C. and Eliza Wingfield sold to their son, John R Wingfield, 50 acres on Tenmile Creek on which he was living, 4-28-1858. Recorded 5-3-1858.

Deed Book "C," Page 412. Robert E. Wingfield, 153 acres on Tenmile Creek, 4-28-1858. Recorded 6-17-1858.



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The Brady Trilogy  I  Reclaimed Memories - (1991)  I  Pop Troy's Anthology - ( 1992)  I  Kinfolk - (1994)