Nabisco History
Nabisco History

Nabisco Salesperson's Business Card

 The Uneeda Biscuit boy is the story of early American advertising boiled down to a single parable that just happens to be real history. In the early 1890s there were hundreds of hometown bakers putting out generic crackers in barrels with plain cookies in square shipping boxes. Mothers would say, "George, here' s a paper bag. Go down to the store and fill this with crackers." Uneeda was one of the first mass marketed products outside of its region, due to the "sanitary packaging" it promoted as being a step above the cracker barrel in terms of health and convenience. National Biscuit Co. launch the first prepackaged biscuit, Uneeda, with the slogan "Lest you forget, we say it yet, Uneeda Biscuit." Eventually, the company launches the first million-dollar advertising campaign for Uneeda.

100-Year-Old Crackers

Animal Crackers, a favorite snack for generations of children, marked its 100th anniversary in 2002r. While animal shaped cookies were invented in England in the late 1800s, the National Biscuit  Co. (now Nabisco) trademarked Animal Crackers in 1902. Other facts and figures about these popular treats:

  • The "circus wagon" box with string handle was designed to be hung from a Christmas tree
  • Animal crackers baked per hour: 300,000
  • Number of animals represented since 1902: 54
  • Number of current animals: 18
  • Number of animals that have survived all 100 years: 4 (lions, tigers, bears and elephants)
  • Newest animal added this year: koala bear

Source: Nabisco