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There will be much more here later. But as you are here, please view the family tree of the

Descendants of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra of Great Britain.

The tree will take you to the English Royal Family of today, then through the noble family of the Duke of Fife and then the Royal House of Norway. The line of succession to the British throne extends to the last legitimate (and non-Roman Catholic) descendant of the Electress Sophia of Hanover. However the complete lines of succession to the dukedom of Fife and the Throne of Norway can be seen here. Edward VII had two sons-in-law. He persuaded his mother, Queen Victoria, to grant the dukedom of Fife to one of his sons-in-law, a Scot who already had a lower title. Once he became king he went one step farther and made his granddaughters "Royal Highnesses." The style would have been theirs had the king been their paternal grandfather. He was their maternal grandfather, and the rules usually have it that the father's social position governs the titles (if any) that the children receive.

His youngest daughter, Maude, married a Danish prince, the second son of the king of Denmark. He was really a German, as three of his grandparents were Germmans, his maternal grandmother being a Danish princess. Her mother, however, was German. It just happened that Prince Carl of Denmark (he was also the nephew of Queen Alexandra) and Princess Maude were married for a few years when Norway decided to become independent. This was the beginning of the 20th Century and Norway decided to remain a kingdom, as they were declaring their independence from the King of Sweden. Edward VII was called the "uncle of Europe" as his mother, Victoria, had been called the "Grandmother of Europe." Her grandchildren were sitting on several of the European thrones. Edward was consulted as to his recommendation for a king of Norway.

These reports were created with Ultimate Family Tree v. 2.8. The background on most U.F.T. genealogy pages shows a library. I presume it's suppose to signify that this is a serious work. You won't find that background here, and for one reason only. I find it difficult to read webpages which have that background. I therefore decided against using it. A narrative genealogy report can be seen at here. A box chart with an indented descendant chart can be seen here.

There is another presentation of the descendants of King Edward which I created using Heredis v. 7.2 Standard. This was a free program, produced in France, that created what I think are nice looking box charts and web-sites. The software is no longer available.

Going back in time, you can find a Medieval Royal Family here which was created in The Master Genealogist v.5 with the help of Second Site. I'm focusing on the early Plantagenets, and it will be expaned as time goes on.

For a Narrative Genealogy Journal Report of the Descendants of Edward and Alexandra.

For a Box Chart of the descendants of Edward and Alexandra.

For an Indented Descendant Chart of the descendants of Edward and Alexandra.

For the descendants of Edward and Alexandra as created in Heredis.

To go to a Medieval Royal Genealogy go here.

For an ancient genealogy, a work unfinished and not being worked on, the family of Herod the Great.

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