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EWBANK Testators, Carlisle Will Index

(With thanks to Wendy Pepper)

1564 EWBANK Henry, - By
1566 EWBANK Isabel, - Brough under Stainmore
1566 EWBANK Thomas, - Kings Meaburn
1586 EWBANK John, - Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland
1592 EWBANK Margaret, - Burgh by Sands
1594 EWBANK Thomas, - Brough under Stainmore
1597 EWBANK Isabel, - Brough under Stainore
1599 EWBANK Anne, - Brough under Stainmore
1604 EUBANK Elizabeth, - Kirkby Stephen
1605 EWBANK - , - Kirkby Stephen
1617 EWBANK George, - St Lawrence, Appleby
1617 EWBANK Michael, - Barnhouses, Stainmore Forest, [Brough],Westmorland
1620 EWBANK Michael, - Borranthwaite, Stainmore, Brough,Westmorland
1623 EWBANK Rowland, - Strysgill, Stainmore Forest, Brough, Westmorland
1631 EWBANK Richard, - Borrenhow, Brough-under-Stainmore, Westmorland
1631 EWBANK Thomas, - Winton, Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland
1633 EWBANK Annas, - Hightrees, Stainmoor Forest, Brough, Westmorland
1636 EWBANK John, - Coatgill, Orton, Westmorland
1636 EWBANK Thomas, - Winton, Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland
1643 EWBANK Thomas, - Dowgill, Stammore Forest, Westmorland
1756 EWBANK Michael, - Brough under Stainmore, Westmorland
1767 EWBANK Robert, - Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland
1773 EWBANK Isabel, - Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland
1777 EWBANK Jonathan, - Brough under Stainmore, Westmorland
1779 EWBANK Thomas, - Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland
1780 EWBANK Jonathan, - Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland
1785 EWBANK Barbara, - Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland
1787 EWBANK Thomas, - Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland
1792 EWBANK Joshua, - Brough under Stainmore, Westmorland
1793 EWBANK Thomas, - Shap, Westmorland
1799 EWBANK Edward, - Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland
1811 EWBANK Joseph, - Shap, Westmorland
1813 EWBANK John, - Brough, Westmorland
1815 EWBANK Elizabeth, - Shap, Westmorland
1818 EWBANK Thomas, - Crosby Ravensworth, Westmorland
1819 EWBANK Michael, - Brough, Westmorland
1825 EWBANK Elizabeth, - Brough, Westmorland
1837 EWBANK Robert, - Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland
1840 EWBANK Annas, - Crosby Ravensworth, Westmorland
1849 EWBANK Edward, - Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland
1855 EWBANK Matthew, - Brough, Westmorland
1856 EWBANK John, - Dacre, Cumberland

Also from Wendy Pepper:

London City Apprenticeship Extracts 1442 - 1850

EUBANK, George, son of George, Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland, tailor to Humphrey PICKFATT 6 Apr 1704, Gunmakers Co.

EWBANCK, Edward, son of Edward, Kirkby Stephen Westmorland, weaver, to Thomas SAUNDERS 3 Jan 1708/09, Gunmakers Co.

EWBANCKE, George, son of Thomas, Barton, Yorkshire, yeoman to Isaac TERRITT, 12 Oct 1692, Coachmakers & Coach harness Makers Co.

And this offering from Robin Ewbank:

Ewbank Extracts from “Northern Notes and Queries devoted to the Antiquities of Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmorland and Durham” edited by Henry Reginald Leighton 1906-7 published by ME Dodds of Newcastle. [2007 online edition University of California] Italicised notes in brackets from Robin Ewbank 18 Sep 2007 

Wills Extracts from the MSS of Sir Cuthbert Sharp (I have not checked whether original wills still exist in Durham wills)  

Henry Ewbanke of Newcastle, Cordiner, will 10 Jan 1628/9, proved 1628 

Refers to: mother Alice Preston, sister Dorothy Ewbanke, brother Thomas to have my sword, my brother James to be made free(man) of Newcastle. Father in law Edward Tuggle. (note this must be Henry son of Rev Cuthbert of Newcastle who married Alice Brooke 26.8.1574 at St Nicholas Newcastle; Alice has obviously remarried since Cuthbert’s death. He was still curate and alive  in Newcastle in 1595. Brother Thomas bapt 10.10.1574 Newcastle, sister Dorothy bapt 30.10.1575 Newcastle) 

Henry Ewbanke parson of Whickham will 28.11.1628 proved 12.12.1628 

Refers to: My daughter Jane Pleasance wife of Robert Pleasance of Durham, barrister

My daughter wife to William James, prebendary, and her children (this is Elizabeth)

My son Robert Ewbanke

My daughter Catherine Smelt and her children (the Whyckham marriage records 25.7.1625 Catherine Ewbanke married Richard Smelt)

Henry Ewbank son of my son Sampson and Elizabeth his (presumably Sampson’s) daughter

Henry, Toby, Robert, Ann, Jane and Mary, children of my son Toby

My son Toby Ewbanke of Staindrop to be sole executor

    3.5 Henry Ewbank, entered Queen's Cambridge (one source says Oxford) as scholar,
    4/10/1575 BA 7/7/1576 MA and Fellow 23/5/1579 Queen's College
    Cambridge. 1581 Rector of South Skeelpy, 1584 Rector of Washington
    on 15 March 1585 appointed Master of St Mary's Hospital, Newcastle,  
    24.9.1588 installed (admitted 18.9.1588) as vicar of Weeford and
    prebend of Lichfield. 1596 Rectory of Elwick 1600 Winston, Canon , 
    prebendary (12th Stall) 1596  Proctor 19.9.1606, and sub dean, Durham
    Cathedral, 1609, BD  Durham1610.  1610 Rector of Haughton Le  
    Skerne 1610 visited by Richard St George and granted own coat of  
    arms. Rector of Whyckham 1620, Prebendary of Lichfield. Will dated    
    28 Nov1628. Buried in South aisle, Durham Cathedral, 1628. His wife 
    was the daughter of The Very Rev Thomas Sampson, DD, Dean of
    Christchurch Oxford. Privy Councillor to Elizabeth 1st, 1587-1601
    contemporary, Dr Eades of Oxford University  in "Iter boreale" 
    describes him as over serious. 'Henry Ewbank …on the text "have
    fervent charity" rather fails to convey its force by his own cold bearing'

John Ewbank 2.10.1596

Tuition granted to Jane widow of John Ewbank of (her children) Janet, Agnes, Margaret, and Jane his children. 

Sampson Ewbank 14 Dec 1627

Refers to: tuition granted to Barbara Ewbank of Monkwearmouth, widow and Thomas Ewbank of Staindrop, yeoman, of Ellinor, Henry and Elisabeth his (Sampson’s) children

(Barbara was Sampson’s second wife.

m.1.Eleanor dau of Robert Hutton and Grace Pilkington
5.11.1611 (St Mary the Less, Durham or Grindon)

Sampson was son of Rev Henry and brother of Tobye) 

Barnard Ewbank 9 April 1608

Tuition granted to Dorothy Ewbank widow of Barnard Ewbank of the parish of Staindrop, of John, Elizabeth, Agnes, Margaret and B… children of the deceased 

Other Entries 

Coat of Arms granted in 1615

“The arms of the family of Cliburn of Cliburn and Hayclose Co(unty) Westmoreland, allowed at the visitation of York 1584/5 were argent, three chevronels interlaced in base and a chief  sable. An almost similar coat (of arms), viz sable, three chevronels interlaced in base or, on a chief of the last three pellets was allowed to the Ewbankes of Staindrop co Durham at the visitation of that county in 1615. As the latter family (the Ewbankes) came from Kirkby Stephen in Westmoreland, there may be some relationship. 

Mr Dendy has shewn (Merchant Adventurers of Newcastle upon Tyne Surtees Society II p 269) that Robert son of Toby Ewbank of Staindrop and Egglestone originally apprenticed to Oswald Mitford in 1648 was transferred in 1651 to Clibburne Kirkbride, whose grandmother was a Clibburne, again in 1652 to William Braithwaite, another Westmoreland man and finally in 1654 to his (ie Robert’s) brother in law George Errington. …” 

Marriage Notices from Newcastle papers:

  Miss (Elizabeth) Ewbank of Stainmore, edition date July 21st 1770
“Saturday was married at Brough in Westmorland Mr Robert Hunter of Ravenstonedale to Miss (Elizabeth) Ewbank of Stainmore, an amiable young lady with a fortune of £1000.” (Elizabeth b 1734 bapt 28.10.1734, Brough , was daughter of Joshua Ewbank and Margaret Hodgson of Rampson Hall, Borrenthwaite, Stainmore)  

      Miss (Mary) Ewbank of Ravenstonedale , edition date Feb 20 1773
"Last week was married at Gretna Green Mr J(ohn) Hewitson of Ravenstonedale, Westmorland, to Miss (Mary) Ewbank of the same place, a beautiful young heiress”.
(They had a second wedding ceremony in Ravenstonedale 21 Feb 1773)

Various apprenticeships to Richard Ewbank (various spellings) taylor of Gateshead

Richard Ubanks a ffre (free) taylor of this fellowship hath taken to prentas (apprenticeship) Lanclote Wairdall as per indenture bearing date of 5th Febr 165? (torn) 

Similar to above Richard Ubanckes a fre (free) taylor of this fellowship…Thomas Hynmore 5.2.1653 

Similar to above …Michell Morland 26.10.1655 

March 5 1668 Mark Maddison sonn to William Madison of Gateside hath put and bound himself an apprentice to Richard Eubanke taylor for seaven years 

1672 John Wharton sonn to Wm Wharton hath bound himself aprtce to Richard Hubanke for 7 years as by indenture bearing date May the 16th 1672 

Daniel West son of Roger West who was apprentice to Richard Ewbanke. Deed by consent of the company hath chosen John Applby (sic) for his master and with him to serve out the remainder of his time. Nov 12 1679 

Various orders, constitutions by laws of the Company of drapers, taylers, mercers, hardwaremen, coopers and chandlers of the town of Gateshead 27 July 1658 signed by Richard Ubancks one of the wardens. Similar on Dec 30th 1661 

Richard Ewbanke's Will is at York Registry.  Proved 4 June 1678, the ref:

is Volume 58, folio 643. 

From Durham Wills Extracts 

Thomas Ubancke of Richmonde appears in will of Michael Spence Jan 1564/5

“I give and bequeithe to Rauffe Spence. My eldest son one burgage in Richmonde that Thomas Ubancke now dwelleth in.” 

Cuthbert Ewbanke of Newcastle 1583-5

Signs as curate and witness to various wills March 22nd 1583/4, Nov 7th 1585 (will of Thomas Tobie) 

From ‘Records of the Committees for compounding etc with delinquent Royalists in Durham and Northumberland during the civil wars etc  1643-1660’. Published in Vol xci (91) of the Surtees Society of Durham for the year M.CM.V (1905) 

Pages 197, 198  Tobye Ewbanke of Eggleston listed as a delinquent Royalist 1651* 

* long author’s footnote to this heading:

Toby Ewbank was the son of a notable pluralist (held multiple church livings at the same time), Henry Ewbank, AM, prebendary of Lichfield 1581-1612, Rector of Washington 1583-1611, Rector of Winston 1588-1620, Prebendary of the 12th stall at Durham, 1596-1620, Rector of Whickham 1620-1628, Master of the Hospital of St Mary the Virgin Newcastle (in which position he had a lawsuit with his patrons, the Corporation, and lost it) 1585-1615. Toby’s mother was Anne dau.(daughter) of Thomas Sampson, Dean of Christchurch Oxford. His wives were Eliza(be)th widow of Richard Stobert (who lived but four months after her marriage) and Mary dau of Henry Grey of Newminster Abbey (4th son of Sir Ralph Grey of Chillingham) by whom he had issue. The manor of Egglestone, part of the forfeited estates of the Earl of Westmoreland, was conveyed to him under the name of Tobias Ewbank of Staindrop in 1632. He presented two cups (Communion silver chalices) to Staindrop Church bearing date marked 1629 and in 1635 was defendant in an action for the recovery of the cost of casting two bells for the tower of that church. cf. Surt Soc(Surtees Society History of Durham) pub 40 p68. There is a pedigree of the Ewbanks of Durham in Surtees Hist. Durham 1v 141 

29 Aug 1650 Richard Cresheld serjeant at law and Thomas Cresheld, executors of Hen(ry) Dingley of St Martin in the Fields, London, petition the CC (Central?…Commissioners) for a composition for a statute of 800L (£800) entered into before 1640 on the estate of Toby Ewbank. The estate consists of the manor of Egglestone Co.(County) Durham of the yearly value of 60L (£60) and a capital messuage (dwelling house) at Blackwell (Blackwell Hall near Darlington)in the same county. [Yearly value of Blackwell not stated]. The money being theirs only in trust for the payment of debtors they beg not to be instructed in receiving their rents, nor enforced to pay a fine. – petition rejected.  

1651 April 8 the charge against him is that he (Tobye Ewbank) sent provisions to the Earl of Newcastle’s army in the first war and was several days with Sir Marmaduke Langdale’s forces for the king in Westmorland and Cumberland in the last war. To this he answers denying the latter charge and stating that for his delinquency in the first war he compounded with sir Henry vane and the Northern Commissioners and paid 100L (£100) fine* 

  • author’s footnote to this paragraph: Ewbank’s name does not appear in the list of compounders with Sir Henry Vane, though it is included with those who petitioned for pardon, Nov 21 1651, on the ground that they had compounded with Sir Henry.

1651 Dec 9 Edward Gray of Staindrop prays allowance of a rent charge of £40 granted him in 1637, on the lately sequestered lands of Toby Ewbank. Referred to the Cou.Com (The County Commissioners). 

1651/2  March 18 Ewbank complains that though he never acted against parliament, the Cou.Com (County Commissioners) have sequestered him on false informations. Begs the heads of the charge against him and leave to examine witnesses. 

1652 Jun 18 On hearing counsel for Ewbank praying his discharge, on reading the Parlty. (parliamentary) Order of  Nov 21 1651 whereby the persons named in a petition to the House on that date (of whom Ewbank was one) who compounded with Sir Henry Vane and the other Parlty. (parliamentary)  Commissioners in 1644 and 1645 and paid their compositions are to be absolutely discharged for everything done before their compositions, the CC (Central Commissioners?) discharge them accordingly. But as the Cou.Com. (County Commissioners) certify that on a charge in April 1651, Toby Ewbank was engaged in the second war they sequestered his lands, the CC (Central Commissioners?) order that he be discharged therefrom on the Act of Pardon, as the delinquencies were not committed after Jan 30 1649 (the date of King Charles 1st’s execution in Whitehall, London), and the sequestration was illegal. Therefore his bonds and securities are to be given up (i.e. returned to him) and the profits received from his estate since the last charge restored. 

From ‘Memorials of Old Durham’ edited by Henry R Leighton, FR Hist.Soc, Printed in London, George Allen and Sons 1910 

Page 221:

There are several other interesting mansions in this district. At Cleatlam the old mansion of the Ewbankes still stands, gable ended with mullioned windows. It was sold by them in the troubled times of the Great Civil War to the Somersets of Pauntly in Gloucester and later was a seat of the Wards. Another old home of the Ewbank family was Staindrop Hall, at the east(ern) end of the village of that name. The family arms, three chevronels interlaced on a chief three pellets, are on one of the ceilings. Still another old house, once belonging to the same race, was Snotterton Hall, which stood about a mile to the west of Staindrop. Here the walls were embattled with crocketed pinnacles at the corners, and the windows were triple mullioned lights under square labels. Over the entrance the arms and crest of the Bainbridges, who sold the estate to the Ewbankes in 1607 were sculptured. A portion of the house which was pulled down in 1831 is preserved in the present Raby Grange. (2007 this house is again called Snotterton Hall and is in the hands of Bill and Sheila Thompson. The Thompsons have had it for 150 years 

From Register of the Freeman of the City of York from the City Records Published by the Surtees Society by Andrews and Co Durham 1900 Vol II 1559 -1759

(Vol I which I have not yet accessed is 1760-1835) 

1592/3 Oswaldus Ewbanke ship carpenter fil (Latin filius = son of) Johannis Ewbanke ship carpenter

1595/6 Nicholaus Ewbanke armorer

1644 under sub heading New Franchest Menn More (meaning?) Francis Ewbank

1646/7 Fran Ewbanke

1698/9 Thomas Ewbank taylor

1702/3 Will Ubanck per redemp (presumably bought his freedom of the city)

1721 Robert Ewbank, tayler fil (son of) Thomas Ubank tayler

1739/40 (14 Geo II) Robert Ewbank, winecooper

1754/5 by patrimony Thomas Ewbank staymaker son of Robert Ewbank staymaker

1758 Will Ewbank, merchant taylor 

Extracts from Records of the Merchant Adventurers of Newcastle upon Tyne Vol II Surtees Society 1899 

See pages 267, 269, 285 (very hard to read accurately from on-line edition) 

John Ewbanck son of Thomas Ewbanck late of Newcastle, …maker deceased apprenticed to Francis Anderson 21 Jun 1648 admitted into the Eastland Company 1 Feb 1657 (The Eastland Company based in Newcastle was given its charter in 21 Elizabeth ie 1580. The company controlled North Sea trade to the Baltic countries) 

Robert Ewbanck son of Toby Ewbanck of Eggleston apprenticed to Oswald Mitford (but see above) 1.11.1648 admitted to Eastland Company 9.2.1655 

Nicholas Errington son of George Errington, of Newcastle, apprenticed to Robert Ewbanck (his uncle)2nd May 1659. Admitted to Eastland Company 17 Feb 1670  

From Six North Country Diaries Surtees Society 1910

One of whom is Christopher Sanderson of Barnard Castle

.The Egglestone estate acquired fro Tobye Ewbank of that place by deed dated 25 Jan 1659 was settled on the marriage of the diarist’s eldest son, Cuthbert Sanderson with Frances elder daughter of William Fielding. 

from  Hutchison ‘The History and antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham’ Vol II published G Walker Durham 1823

page 276 under heading of the cathedral

Henry Ewbanke AM (AM is the Latin abbreviation for Master of Arts, MA) was installed the 8th of September 1596 (into the 12th stall) and resigned the same the 5th of October 1620 (in favour of his son in law William James) was collated to (ie became rector of) Washington 24th December 1583 and to Winston in 1588; was instituted to St Mary’s Hospital in Newcastle 15th March 1585 which he resigned in 1615. He was Prebend (roughly same as Canon) of Gaia Minor (the name of the Cathedral stall) in Litchfield Church (Lichfield Cathedral), in 1581 and was removed to Weeford prebend in the same church 1586 and resigned the latter 1612, was collated to the Rectory of Whyckham on 5th of September 1620 and departed this life in 1628. 


In the South aisle of Durham cathedral is an inscription for one Ewbanke (Rev Philip) who died rector of Ryton about 1620.

In same footnote but talking about Rev Henry  

It is said the he (Henry) left 500L (£500) per annum at his death. He married his daughter (Elizabeth) to William James in whose favour he resigned his stall (William James was installed 6th October 1620). He had the next presentation to this prebend granted him in 1589….

On presentation to St Mary’s Hospital (Newcastle) he (Henry) gave bond to the mayor and burgesses of Newcastle, in the penalty of 100L (£100) with a condition that he should at his own expence (expense) maintain a schoolmaster for freemen’s children, without salary, save 6d a quarter; to preach yearly 12 sermons and to keep the hospital, chapel and buildings in repair: for non performance a suit was instituted and the penalty recovered. Grey’s Notes MSS.