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Della (Alexander) Jaynes LifeSketch

Photo of Della Mae Alexander as a teenager.

  This is Della Mae Alexander as a teenager. She is where my Alexander line begins. She was the eldest in her family and that carried a lot of responsibility. She also outlived all her siblings.

  She married James Jaynes when she was young, and they celebrated 69 years together before he died. Together they raised a 4 children and ran his plumbing business. There was no one that had a bad word to say of her.

  She had been raised Nazarine, but when her children were young they moved to a house across the street from a pentecostal church. She told me how she loved the music coming from the church. Seymour Christ Temple was headed by a distant relative named Rev. Dewey Allman. He was a real fire and brimstone type, and the services were loud. But it was the music that drew her. She joined and it turned into a life-long commitment. She was always happy to be involved, and taught Sunday School for many years. She truly loved her church and its people. She found a peace and contentment in her faith and it sustained her throughout her life. She had lost her only son to leukemia shortly before that and I believe she was searching for answers and some relief from her pain. I think she found it there, but she never got over the loss of Donald.

  She loved to garden, crochet, her birds, her church but most of all she loved her family. She was the sweetest person on earth. At one time she raised parakeets and canaries. She had a certificate in greenhouse growing and her thumb was truly green!

  Her favorite poet was Jame Whitcomb Riley. She often read to me and certainly encouraged reading. She often said 'you can go anywhere and do anything if you can read'. She would read 'Little Orphan Annie' and 'The Raggedy Man' as they were written. I can still hear it! She also read Janet Oke, and her bible.