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Margaret C. Hovis and Samuel S. Martin

Margaret Hovis

Margaret C. Hovis, was born in 1867 in Indiana, probably Brown County. This is a photograph of Margaret taken about 1852, when she was 15 years old. It's not a great photo, as it was an old tin type, but I am very glad it managed to survive. Margaret was called ‘Maggie’. Maggie was my grandmother’s favorite grandma, so I heard about her a lot. She was, by all accounts, very strong, warm, loving and funny.

Her father was Henry W. Hovis, her mother, Elizabeth E. Bohall. Henry was a basketmaker. I have read that the type of baskets he made are called Bohall baskets, and are treasured by basket collectors. He was also a preacher and played the fiddle. I know he and Elizabeth were members of the Martins Grove Church, organized March 15, 1878 and was located three miles Northeast of Clearspring, Indiana. He was listed as an Elder. [You can find this information in the 'History of Jackson County' by: Brant & Fuller in the Seymour Library.]

Henry died on June 11, 1935 in the Brown County Poorhouse. He is buried in an unmarked grave in Glenlawn Cemetery in Nashville, Indiana.

Henrys' father and mother had been born in York County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Henry Hovis and Sarah Hogg/Hoke. Henry and Sarah married and lived in Noble County, Ohio, moving to Indiana about 1850. All of their children except the two youngest were born in Noble County, Ohio. They were; Elizabeth A., Jacob, John, Henry W., Sarah, Lewis H., Mary Ellen, Seth and Amanda. Seth and Amanda were born in Brown County, Indiana. All but Elizabeth died in Indiana. She married an Evan Young and moved to Iowa, raising a family and dying there in 1896.

Her mother was Elizabeth E. Bohall. She was born on June 17, 1844 in Jackson County, Indiana . She was the daughter of George David Bohall and Catherine E. Draper. Her family was part of the Brown County Bohalls.

There are photographs in the Frank M. Hohenberger's Indiana Photographs collection at the Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. You can browse for Hovis or Bohall, you will see what they have by clicking this link. A photograph of John Bohall is viewable online there.

Elizabeth died in Jackson County, on July 17, 1897. I do not know where she is buried.

Margaret Hovis

In 1883 Maggie married Samuel S. Martin, the son of John Martin and Polly Ann Allman. He was born on February 14, 1860 in Jackson County, Indiana. They had 4 children; John A., born in April of 1884, Olive, born on December 25, 1885, Roxie Mae, born April 29, 1888, Stanley born in 1989 and Samuel S. Jr., born in 1904.

Sam and Maggie lived and farmed in Jennings County, Indiana until Maggie died, February 10, 1940 in Paris Crossing. Sam then moved to Seymour to live with Roxie and her family until his death on January 10, 1944. Both are buried in Riverview Cemetery, in Seymour, Indiana. A photo of their gravestone is on my Indiana Gravestones page.

Their daughter, Olive, was my great-grandmother. She married William H. Alexander, son of John H. Alexander and Amanda Atkins/Adkins.

Olive and Roxie Martin

This is a photo of Roxie Mae (Martin) and her sister Olive (Martin)

Roxie Mae Martin was born April 29, 1888, and died May 5, 1963, in Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana. She married John Manning.

Olive Martin was born December 25, 1885 in Jackson County, Indiana, and died on January 21, 1975 in Seymour, Indiana. She married William H Alexander, who was born May 11, 1880 in Jackson County Indiana. He died October 10, 1928, in Seymour, Indiana, of Bright's Disease.

The photograph below is of a Martin Family reunion, probably in the late 1930's. You may click on the photo for a full size view.

I know the large woman in the center front in white is Maggie. Sam is in the back row, far left. He's the man with the large snow white mustache. Roxie is standing in the front, far right, her hands together.

Martin Family