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Bearden/Beardin Marriages

The data presented here was gathered in a wide variety of ways. Some of it was transcribed as early as the mid-1980's, some recently. A lot of it written hastily on scraps, in notebooks, etc. There was a lot of it sent to me by other researchers, both online and by snail mail or gatherings, some that I have found online in databases, from CD's, from books, and things that I have picked up for my use from other places as well. There are many people to thank. The names of the ones and places to thank is to long to put here. Some I am afraid, lost. I was not as careful in the early days. I offer it here to anyone that wants it. You must do your own checking for accuracy.

Name Bride/Groom Date County/State
Bearden, AbnerElizabeth DunnDec 01, 1823 St. Clair
Bearden, AlcenLucinda ObarMay 10, 1838 Marshall
Bearden, AlfredSafronia SmithSep 27, 1849 Perry
Bearden, AlmaD. W. PelfreyNov 21, 1897 Winston
Bearden, AngelineJabez BrazellApr 19, 1858 Perry
Bearden, ArthurNancy Ann BartonMar 20, 1856Jefferson
Bearden, ArthurSarah J. WilliamsAug 03, 1871Jefferson
Bearden, BetseyDavid A. EvansJan 15, 1823Lauderdale
Bearden, BetsyDavid EvansJan 15, 1823Lauderdale
Bearden, CharityJames AllenMar 01, 1838Marshall
Bearden, David N.Mary Ann HolcombeOct 21, 1872Jefferson
Bearden, E. C.W. N. DavisJul 18, 1872Jefferson
Bearden, Elisha T.Celia JordonAug 31, 1847St. Clair
Bearden, ElizabethJabeu MillicanApr 19, 1872Morgan
Bearden, ElvinaThomas GravesSep 29, 1848Perry
Bearden, EmsleyRohanna FowlerJan 09, 1846Perry
Bearden, HardyArpy W. S. GayJul 20, 1855Perry
Bearden, HenryNancy JarmanMay 30, 1876Jefferson
Bearden, HettyThomas J. BatesJun 04, 1865Shelby
Bearden, JamesCasigna WhisenantDec 25, 1835St. Clair
Bearden, JamesLutricia ObarrJul 29, 1832Jefferson
Bearden, James N.N. A. WoodMar 27, 1872Jefferson
Bearden, JaneWilson GoodwinMay 31, 1821Lawrence
Bearden, Lenora EttaGeorge W. AaronMay 20, 1900Winston
Bearden, LouizaNimrod BlackwellApr 02, 1840St. Clair
Bearden, Madison T.Mary E. MasseyNov 09, 1871Jefferson
Bearden, MahalyJohn W. PartlowMar 30, 1840St. Clair
Bearden, MargaretWilliam H. HudsonJul 20, 1847Talladega
Bearden, MarthaJames ParkerSep 11, 1866Jefferson
Bearden, Mary Lawrence BrashierDec 16, 1858Jefferson
Bearden, MaryWilliam BrothersSep 16, 1834St. Clair
Bearden, Mary E.Thomas A. PerryMar 03, 1874Lawrence
Bearden, Mary E.Thomas S. PerryMar 03, 1874Lawrence
Bearden, Matilda Spouse: Abner WhisenantFeb 03, 1833St. Clair
Bearden, Nancy Spouse: David CooperDec 12, 1828St. Clair
Bearden, Nancy J. Spouse: H. M. GoberAug 06, 1900Winston
Bearden, P. J. Spouse: T. J. RileyJan 10, 1868Jefferson
Bearden, P. J. Spouse: T. J. RileyJan 10, 1868Jefferson
Bearden, P. L. Spouse: Stephen A. TerryFeb 10, 1885Morgan
Bearden, Peggy Spouse: Benjamin RodenAug 03, 1848Marshall
Bearden, Polly Spouse: Hardy BentonJun 03, 1835Talladega
Bearden, Polly Spouse: James HarleyJan 17, 1825Lauderdale
Bearden, R. C. Spouse: Sarah Ann BeardenSep 17, 1866Jefferson
Bearden, Rebecca Spouse: Robert MasseyDec 04, 1871Jefferson
Bearden, Reeves M. Spouse: Eliza HortonJun 08, 1856Shelby
Bearden, Reuben Spouse: Rebecca Ann Friday Dec 29, 1836Tuscaloosa
Bearden, Rolen Spouse: Lucinda WhiteMay 26, 1841St. Clair
Bearden, Sarah Spouse: James Bell Aug 19, 1835St. Clair
Bearden, Sarah Spouse: Josiah PasdenApr 18, 1852Coosa
Bearden, Sarah Spouse: N. J. SimsApr 05, 1874Jefferson
Bearden, Sarah Ann Spouse: R. C. BeardenSep 17, 1866Jefferson
Bearden, Sarah J. Spouse: Isaac WallaceFeb 12, 1861Perry
Bearden, Strosher M. Spouse: Sarah HarrisJan 15, 1843DeKalb
Bearden, Susan Spouse: John DawsonJan 03, 1846Perry
Bearden, Susan A. Spouse: John WilsonJan 28, 1842Talladega
Bearden, Thomas Spouse: Elizabeth McGaheeNov 09, 1846Talladega
Bearden, Unisa Spouse: William JohnsonNov 26, 1840St. Clair
Bearden, William Spouse: Matilda HarrisSep 13, 1849Perry
Bearden, William Spouse: Mourning K. StrangeJan 05, 1853St. Clair
Bearden, William Spouse: Passey J. Goode Sep 12, 1860Jefferson
Bearden, William V. Spouse: Mary E. ObarrDec 22, 1860Jefferson
Beardin, Arter Spouse: Mary Ann BrasherJul 27, 1862Jefferson
Beardin, Catherine Spouse: Peter CrumSep 04, 1825Lauderdale
Beardin, George Spouse: Phebe NewmanOct 09, 1831Lauderdale
Beardin, J. C. Spouse: Mary C. WilkeyJun 25, 1865Jefferson
Beardin, Thomas Spouse: Polly Little JohnMar 21, 1822Lauderdale
Beardin, Valentine Spouse: Hetty MorrisNov 14, 1850Shelby