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Beard Marriages

The data presented here was gathered in a wide variety of ways. Some of it was transcribed as early as the mid-1980's, some recently. A lot of it written hastily on scraps, in notebooks, etc. There was a lot of it sent to me by other researchers, both online and by snail mail or gatherings, some that I have found online in databases, from CD's, from books, and things that I have picked up for my use from other places as well. There are many people to thank. The names of the ones and places to thank is to long to put here. Some I am afraid, lost. I was not as careful in the early days. I offer it here to anyone that wants it. You must do your own checking for accuracy.

Name Bride/Groom Date County/State
Beard, Robert C.Nancy McGaughDec 21, 1846Talladega
Beard, Samuel M.Eliza BerryJan 26, 1842Tuscaloosa
Beard, SarahAllen A. DarbyNov 27, 1850Lauderdale
Beard, SarahLucky N. PearceFeb 06, 1838Bibb
Beard, SarahThomas BinghamDec 08, 1835Tuscaloosa
Beard, SarahWilliam H. Frazer Apr 30, 1836Lauderdale
Beard, Mrs. SarahAdolphus BryantDec 09, 1840Mobile
Beard, Sarah AnnJosiah M. HellumFeb 09, 1841Tuscaloosa
Beard, Sarah JaneNeal McCorveyDec 19, 1835Monroe
Beard, SophiaLewis A. GreshamAug 07, 1856Lauderdale
Beard, Susan E.William HillburnJul 03, 1855Monroe
Beard, W. L.Mary E. BaileyDec 13, 1896Winston
Beard, WilliamRona WallAug 26, 1838Lauderdale
Beard, William F.Eliza E. DonalsonSep 07, 1843Lowndes
Beard, William G.Mary E. FiltonAug 28, 1838Autaga