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My Family History Research

A photo of Brock/Morgan Reunion in Texas..
A photo of Brock/Morgan Reunion in Texas?

FamilyTwigs is finally back! I am working on an updated site. Please be patient as things get moved around and links are broken. I have a lot of new data, as well.
Thank you.

Welcome! Thank you for coming to visit. My research covers the surnames; Alexander, Beard, Brock, Bush, Sandlin and Janes/Jaynes and associated surnames. Most of the information that is on this site is not written in stone. I will be placing my sources up as I have time. If you find an error, or want to add someone, there are several ways listed on this page to contact me. I would love to hear from you!

Take a look at my Mystery Photos page. Do you recognize anyone? These photos were in my Grandmothers' box, without names written on the back. If you spot one you know, please contact me.

I have broken my main, large file into 4 smaller ones, making it easier to work with. I will add the extra files, such as my childrens' files and other research I have done as I have time. Below you can see my 4 main lines. This website is sectioned into 4 research sites/areas, one for each line of research.

My Family Research

Alexander Family Site
Some of the surnames I am researching in the Alexander family are: Adkins/Atkins, Alexander, Allman, Barr, Baughman, Bebout, Bobman, Bohall, Cramer, Dover, Draper, Faulk/Fulk, Fish, Glatfelter, Hoffman, Hogg/Hoke, Hovis, Hoyl, Kepley, Lane, Lucus, Martin, McWhorter, Milstead, Northern, and Stilwell. The areas of research are: Alabama, Germany, Indiana, Ireland, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Scotland, South Carolina, Tennessee.

Janes/Jaynes Family Site
Some of the surnames I am researching in the Janes/Jaynes family are: Abbott, Anderson, Angleton, Ballard, Bedel, Brooks, Croucher, Fleming, Foist, Forest/Forrest, Gaiter, Gorman, Hazelrigg, Henley, Hines, Holstine, Hughart/Huggard, Hunsucker, Iden, Janes/Jaynes/Jeans, Jessee, Joice\Joyce, Little, Loftis, Long, Lucas, Lucid, McKinney, Rinck, Robbins, Robins, Sharp, Sparks, Trapp, Turner, Willcutt, Woodson. The areas of research are: England, Illinois, Indiana, Ireland, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia.

Beard Family Site
Some of the surnames I am researching in the Beard family are: Abney, Bachelor, Beard, Bearden, Brown, Clifton, Duncan, Fanchier, Farmer, Haney, Mims, Oliver, Simmons, Sims, Smith, Spence, Strickland. The areas of research are: Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia.

Brock Family Site
There is quite a bit of new information on this section of the site. Some of the surnames I am researching in the Brock family are: Ammons, Avans/Evans, Bonner, Brock, Cagle, Chandler, Coffman, Cook, Croft/Crofts, Ditmore/Dittmore, Duggan, Duncan, Galloway, Gregory, Harris, Heinrichson, Hicks, Jack, LaFoy, Manery/Mannery, McMinn, Morgan, Moses, Niehaus, Queener, Raborn, Raper, Saffell/Saffells, Sims, Smith, Tallent, Ward, White. The areas of research are: Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, Texas, Arkansas, Georgia.

Other Areas of Research

The Bush Ahnentafel  My children's lines

The Carmer/Kermer Ahnentafel  My s-i-l's line

The Everett Sandlin Ahnentafel  My s-i-l's line