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Janes/Jaynes/Jeans Marriages

The data presented here was gathered in a wide variety of ways. Some of it was transcribed as early as the mid-1980's, some recently. A lot of it written hastily on scraps, in notebooks, etc. There was a lot of it sent to me by other researchers, both online and by snail mail or gatherings, some that I have found online in databases, from CD's, from books, and things that I have picked up for my use from other places as well. There are many people to thank. The names of the ones and places to thank is to long to put here. Some I am afraid, lost. I was not as careful in the early days. I offer it here to anyone that wants it. You must do your own checking for accuracy.

 Name  Bride/Groom  Date  County/State  Source
Janes, AmandaFaught, William12/11/1839JeffersonIN
Janes, CarrieTaylor, William6/12/1891MarionIN
Jaynes, CelistaGilbert, Eber11/19/1836SwitzerlandIN
Janes, CurryRuckey, William12/24/1876MarionIN
Jaynes, DanielClark, Mary F11/3/1858SwitzerlandIN
Jaynes, DanielCole, Elizabeth M.2/21/1867SwitzerlandIN
Jaynes, DavidCole, Catharine7/5/1830SwitzerlandIN
Janes, David B.Chaney, Pricy9/16/1880PikeKY
Janes, DavidLillard, Sukey3/25/1793MercerKY
Janes, E ArcherSager, William3/28/1852CassIN
Janes, ElizabethReese, David2/11/1819AdairKY
Jaynes, Eugene EBarker, Ollie L.12/20/1885SwitzerlandIN
Jaynes, EstellaRochat, Rudolph8/16/1877SwitzerlandIN
Janes, GrovesBrackall, William4/26/1862WarrenIN
Jaynes, James T.Holostine, Mary Ann7/25/1860WashingtonINBookG/141
Janes, JaneFindley, John4/12/1848JacksonIN
Janes, JohnDurham, Rebecca1/6/1848JacksonIN
Janes, LavinaCrabb, John4/16/1854JacksonIN
Janes, LanryRhodes, James L.6/7/1898ClayIN
Jaynes, LottieRalston, Andrew J1/27/1866JenningsIN
Jaynes, LulaHawn, Eddie10/15/1904WashingtonINBookM/300
Jaynes, MalissaFleenor, Hilliam6/10/1867WashingtonINBookG/595
Janes, MarthaMcLean, William S.12/25/1866DaviessIN
Janes, MaryElliott, Moses P4/1/1855SwitzerlandIN
Janes, Mary C.McLean, William S.3/6/1870DaviessIN
Janes, MandaMoss, W.S.8/14/1895ClayIN
Janes, MaryWilliams, William12/14/1865MarionIN
Jaynes, NancyVanhoy4/30/1863WashingtonINBookG/302
Jaynes, NolieFulk, Herbert9/2/1907WashingtonINBookM/540
Janes, NancyNewby, William12/28/1843JacksonIN
Jaynes, MahalaHayes, Jesse12/4/1864SwitzerlandIN
Jaynes, Mollie EHollcraft, Artie10/3/1876SwitzerlandIN
Jaynes, NancyCole, Samuel H6/25/1854SwitzerlandIN
Janes, NancyNewby, William12/28/1843JacksonIN
Janes, PollyWeirs, Hugh10/10/1830WashingtonIN
Jeans, PollyRichard, John W. 10/23/1834WashingtonIN
Jaynes, RebeccaTrueblood3/10/1858WashingtonINBookG/12
Jaynes, SarahDavidson, John1/29/1862WashingtonINBookG/247
Janes, SarahRinehart, Isreal8/1/1842JacksonIN
Jaynes, Sarah LHess, Frederick H2/25/1866SwitzerlandIN
Jaynes, TimothyGriffy, Mary4/15/1880SwitzerlandIN
Janes, WilliamRogers, Elizabeth A12/29/1857SwitzerlandIN
Janes, William W.Ewing, Minnie8/22/1909HowardIN
Janes, William S.Miller, Flora5/23/1889LaporteIN
Jeans, WilliamWilcutt, Lurana4/19/1869WashingtonIN
Jaynes, WmFleenor, Emaline3/28/1885WashingtonINBookG/284
Jaynes, William LazarusRoach, Annette E. UnknownAdairKY
Janes, Henry B.Jessee, Mary FrancesUnknownAdairKY