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2002 Calendars & Related Photo Projects

The Photo Albums have grown more rapidly than the rest of the site, not just because they have been the most popular, but also because they have been effective in finding and fitting into place more pieces of the puzzle that is Luther's history.  This online collection has certainly turned out to be an easy way of sharing a large number of pictures with many people.

Our latest project, however, has been designed to get copies into the hands of some who aren't on the Internet -- especially the Luther historians who can tell us more about the people and places these photos show -- so we produced a series 2002 Calendars, each of which has a different picture from this site.  

Higher-resolution, suitable-for-printing files are now available for many of the online images.  We've found these to be especially valuable for the old group pictures, because faces are more recognizable than in the optimized-for-display versions.  If you want a copy of one of these files, just write to


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