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Both sites are now spidered by FreeFind and provide a FreeFind Search Panel.   

The original focus of the Heart & Hand site was the society formed back in 1913 by the women of the First Christian Church, but it has grown to encompass the entire community, its people and its history.

Ceil's Corner has always focused on genealogy, with Luther as the crossroads, but has expanded to include many tools for people researching in other parts of Oklahoma.  

Some people do appear on both sites, so this method lets you find all references to an individual without having to search both sites separately.  FreeFind is spidered on command, so unless you hit that brief window after the site has been updated and before the spider has finished doing its thing the search list you get will include all of the latest material.  

If you aren't familiar with the FreeFind search engine and what it can do, this page will help you become acquainted with it.  It combines conventional search techniques with a site map so it not only helps you find a specific page that has the words you are looking for but helps you learn your way around the site itself.  

  • If you want a quick look at the titles here, just click on "Site Map".  

  • If you want to search for names, places, or any keywords, just fill in the window and click on "Find!"

FreeFind Quick Links are also being added to many pages. 

Site Map displays the Site Map without going through the Search Panel above.

Search  brings up a Search Window.

If you want more details and tips for making the most if its features, go to the FreeFind site.



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