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Updated August 29, 2002

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This section has been set up to honor and preserve Luther's history -- not just the official accounts, but also tidbits, keepsakes & recollections that help bring it to life.

Homesteaders & the Original Settlers. Who staked which claim and how the land in Section 28-14N-1E changed hands, through the establishment of the original townsite of Luther and its expansion into the set-aside School Land of Section 27-14N-1E.

How did Luther grow?   We're still working on the timeline, but have posted descriptions of the Original Townsite, the School Land Additions, the Delaporte Additions, and the Chamberlain Addition.  There's an official map of the town from 1966, plus worksheets we're using to match houses with the 1900 census, the 1910 census, the 1920 census, and the 1955 phone book.

Many small schools were established in the Luther area and later consolidated into the Luther School District.  The 1910 Souvenir Booklet from Luther Grade School includes both images and a transcription of the lists of pupils. Alumni Banquet Memorabilia: 1954, 1955, and 1956.

1955 Phone Book  Images of the pages for Luther, Wellston and Chandler.  Or go to a transcription of the Luther pages.  There's a separate page shows the individual party lines that served rural customers.  

Nicknamed Houses As in many small communities, Luther's old-timers have a tendency to talk about the "Doe House" as though everyone knows it's entire history.  We've identified a few, who built them & sometimes when, and usually can tell how they came by their nicknames.  (Still trying to identify those built before World War I and need all the help we can get!) 

Curious about who lived where down through the years?  Click here.  We're now matching customers who had Luther addresses listed in the 1955 phone book with both a  hand-drawn map that identified who lived in most of those houses in the mid-60s and the 1966 topographic map that depicts all of the houses in town that could be seen in aerial photos.  The goal:  determining who lived in each house from the time it was built until the map was made.  Can you fill in some of the blanks?

Do you have stories to share about Luther's early days? Memory jogging lists?  We'd love to post them.  Please write to me.

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