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The Chamberlain Addition
The Chamberlain Addition, platted on land owned by Elijah Chamberlain, was opened after statehood & before WWI.  Two blocks adjoining the First School Land Addition were included in the area incorporated in 1905, but the Chamberlain Addition does not appear on the 1907 plat map.

The portion next to the School Land Addition filled quickly but southward growth still continues.  It now includes many homes that had not been built in 1966 and are therefore excluded from this study.

In the chart below, occupants are listed for 1966, street names are current, and the house numbers shown in red were taken from the 1955 telephone book.

1955 Phone Book

1955 Map

1966 Map

Chamberlain Addition - Block 1

Snyder, Jack & Oma Lou Facing Dogwood

Chamberlain Addition - Block 2

Hayes, Walter & Maggie Facing Cedar 202 E. Pearl
Hayes, Kenneth Facing Dogwood. Built in the 50s.  313 S. 7

Chamberlain Addition - Block 3

Donnell,  Facing Birch
Hayes, Wendell Facing Birch, built in the 50s.  214 S 5
Evans, Jess & Clarabelle Facing Cedar.  301 S 6
Arthur, Bertha Facing Cedar.
Christy, Gerald & Joyce Facing Cedar. Built in the late 50s or early 60s
Chamberlain Addition - Block 4
Johnson Facing Birch 
Anderson Facing Ash

Chamberlain Addition - Block 5

Clark, Jesse Facing Ash
Taylor, Claude Facing Birch  500 Pearl

Chamberlain Addition - Block 6

Unger, Sybil Southeast corner of Birch & South 5th Street.
Curtis, Earl Southwest corner of Cedar & South 5th Street.
Woods Facing Cedar
Hrdlicka, Ernest Facing Cedar

Chamberlain Addition - Block 7

Adams, Burton Facing South 5th Street. 402 S 6
Firth, Eugene Facing Dogwood.

Chamberlain Addition - Blocks 8 to 25 are not on the sketch


We've undoubtedly missed some families and some of these dates are only wild guesses, but with the map to jog memories we hope to fill in the blanks and identify the families who lived in houses that weren't on the sketch. If you have more pieces to contribute to the puzzle, please write Sharon McAllister


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