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Original Town Site

The Original Town of Luther was platted in 1898 and covered the 16 block area shown at the upper left-hand corner of the map.  It includes today's business district, but few houses and little of it was covered in the 1966 sketch.

In the chart below, occupants are listed for 1966, street names are current, and the house numbers shown in red were taken from the 1955 telephone book.

1955 Phone Book

1955 Map

1966 Map

Original Town Site - Block 1

Canada Lumber Co. Storage Facing 1st Street.
Rogers Service Station 11 S 1
Moore, John Facing 1st Street.  13 W 3
Country Inn Cafe Built in the 60s
Original Town Site - Block 2
Canada Lumber & Hardware Facing 1st Street.   8 W 3
Weber, Lawrence Facing Ash.  Probably built by the father of W. B. Eldridge.
Hennessey, Charles & Grace Facing Ash.  
Weber, Arthur Facing Ash. Originally built Susan & Thomas Babb.
Brick Hotel Northwest corner of Ash and South 2nd Street
? Small house west of the Brick Hotel, facing South 2nd Street.

Original Town Site - Block 3

Cook, Herman & Evelyn Southwest corner of Ash and South 2nd Street, facing Ash. Earlier occupied by Roy & Helen Hayes.
Elson, Lewis & Olive Facing Ash.  Lewis is listed on the 1900 census, probably living here. 3 S 6
Engel, Mike & Mary Facing Ash. Earlier occupied by Hosea & Bernice Norman. 105 E 1
Catholic Church Facing Ash.
? West of the Catholic Church, facing South 3rd Street.
? On northeast corner of Main & South 3rd Street, facing Main.
? Facing South Main Street/Hogback
? Facing South Main Street/Hogback.  Ross & Cecile Lovell lived there from 1914 to about 1920
? On the corner of Main & South 2nd Street, facing South 2nd.  Perisho, Dr. J. A. & Tessa were on 1900 census, probably in this house.  Later occupied by O'Neals.

Original Town Site - Block 4

Wagoner, Grover & Anna On the southwest corner of Ash and South 3rd Street.  Earlier had belonged to Rev. Downs and his wife Minnie Belle.  After her death in 1936, it was willed to the First Christian Church for use as a parsonage.  
Stephens, Green Facing Ash.
Boyd, Facing Ash.
McGraw, Homer Facing Ash. 210 N 7
Doster, Joe & Daisy Facing South Main.
Graham, Facing South Main.

Original Town Site - Block 5

Wilburn Facing South Main.

Original Town Site - Block 6

Watson, Ted Facing South Main.
Kemp, Facing South Main.
Armstrong, Isaac & Corrine Facing South Main. 105 S 2
Armstrong, J. T. & Daisy Facing South Main. 101 S 2
? On the southeast corner of South 2nd Street and Apple
? Facing Apple
? Facing Apple

Original Town Site - Block 7

Business District No homes

Original Town Site - Block 8

Moore, Minnie Facing First Street
Original Town Site - Block 9
? Facing First Street
? Northeast corner of First & Beech
? Facing Beech

Original Town Site - Block 10

? Facing First Street

Original Town Site - Block 11

? Facing Apple
? Facing Apple
? Facing Apple
Original Town Site - Block 12
? Facing Apple

Original Town Site - Block 13

? Facing South 4th Street
Original Town Site - Block 14
Original Town Site - Block 15
Original Town Site - Block 16
? Facing Beech

We've undoubtedly missed some families and some of these dates are only wild guesses, but with the map to jog memories we hope to fill in the blanks and identify the families who lived in houses that weren't on the sketch. If you have more pieces to contribute to the puzzle, please write Sharon McAllister


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