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Aunt Susan's Angel Food Cake

pg. 6

Mrs. Hattie Thomas
Four-Egg Angel Cake pg. 6 Mrs. Fred Fesler
Yellow Angel Food pg. 6 Lorene Thomas
Fresh Apple Cake pg. 7 Mrs. Jerome Keating
Banana Nut Cake pg. 7 Louise Morrow
Banana Nut Icing pg. 7 Louise Morrow
Banana Cake pg. 7 Mrs. Lawrence Thomas
Blackberry Jam Cake pg. 8 * Mrs. Lee Crossley
Burnt Sugar Cake pg. 8 Fern McGraw
Betty Crocker Sunburst "Chiffon" Cake pg. 8 Sue Fesler
Cocoanut Cake pg. 9 * Mrs. E. S. Chamberlain
Sour Cream Chocolate Cake pg. 9 Mrs. Elbert Wagoner
Chocolate Cup Cake pg. 10 Mrs. Paul M. Vorel, Jr.
Chocolate Marble Cake pg. 10 Mae Weber
Chocolate Icing Deluxe pg. 11 Mrs. Paul M. Vorel, Jr.
Perfect Chocolate Cake pg. 11 Clarabel Evans
Coffee Cake pg. 11 Lucille McAllister
Cocoa Spice Cake pg. 11 Mrs. A. J. Martin
Crumb Cake pg. 12 Opal Canada
Filigree Devil's Food Cake pg. 12 Mrs. Mary Belle Booher
Minute Fudge Frosting pg. 12 Mrs. Mary Belle Booher
Devil Food Cake pg. 13 Mrs. Nora Melton
Devil's Food Cake pg. 13 Pearl Briscoe
Fruit Cake pg. 13 * Mrs. G. R. Norman
Eggless Cake pg. 14 Mrs. Ira F. Baird
Mock Fruit Cake pg. 14 Mrs. Thos. J. Blaney (Lucille Melton)
Fruit Cake pg. 14 Eva Booher
Ice Box Fruit Cake pg. 14 Mrs. M. W. Wagoner
Gingerbread pg. 15 Ethel Vorel
Layer Cake pg. 15 * Mrs. Talitha Perkins
Man's Favorite Cake pg. 15 Emma Hillerby
Nut Cake pg. 15 * Mrs. Elizabeth Morgan
1-2-3-4 Cake pg. 16 Mrs. Jacob Loman
Peach Preserve Cake pg. 16 Mrs. Olive Elson
Pineapple Upside Down Cake pg. 16 Louise Morrow
Sour Cream Nut Cake pg. 17 Mrs. R. L. Canada
Royal Tropicaroma pg. 17 Opal Canada
Strawberry Shortcake pg. 17 Mrs. Ross Lovell
Royal Strawberry Cake pg. 18 * Mrs. C. C. Hayes
Quick Spice Cake pg. 18 Opal Canada
Golden Sponge Cake pg. 18 Mary Frances Fesler
Spice Cake pg. 19 Mrs. O. B. Roberts
Spice Cake pg. 19 * Sue G. Hamilton
Speedluxe White Cake pg. 19 Mrs. Warren Douglas
One Bowl White Cake pg. 20 Mrs. Carl Booher
White Cake pg. 20 Mercedes Graham
Seven-Minute Icing

pg. 20

Mercedes Graham

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