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Bran Cookies

pg. 27

Maggie Hayes
Butterscotch Icebox Cookies pg. 27 Helen Fesler
Chocolate Cookies pg. 27 Mrs. Elbert Wagoner
Christmas Goodies pg. 28 Mrs. John Hennessey
Cocoanut Cookies pg. 28 Cora Wiggans
Cream Puffs pg. 28 Mrs. Ross Lovell
Date Roll Refrigerator Cookies pg. 28 Mrs. Aaron Baker
Doughnuts pg. 29 Georgia Vorel
Doughnuts pg. 29 Lola Briscoe
Sour Cream Doughnuts pg. 29 Ethel Vorel

pg. 29

Maggie Hayes
Gum Drop Cookies pg. 30 Pearl Briscoe
Macaroons pg. 30 Gladys Tansel
Ma's Sugar Cookies pg. 30 Mrs. Austin Briscoe
Ice Box Molasses Cookies pg. 30 Mrs. Elsie Fesler
Picnic Cookies pg. 31 Mrs. Chas. Hrdlicka
Raisin Crisps pg. 31 Mrs. Warren Douglas
Sour Cream Cookies pg. 31 Helen Fesler
My Favorite Oatmeal Cookies pg. 32 Mrs. John Hennessey
Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies pg. 32 * Mrs. John J. Walker

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