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Our Friendship Cook Book

Published in 1948, at $1.00 per copy

Use your browser to search for specific recipes or contributors (names are listed exactly as they appeared on the submitted recipes), or just scroll down to see the entire index.  If the recipe name is a clickable link, it will take you directly to that page of the cookbook.
Not the first Heart & Hand cookbook, but the one most people now remember as the "Old Heart & Hand Cookbook".   It had more than twice as many pages as the first one, with finer print so there were many more recipes, and they came from friends and relatives as well as Heart & Hand members. 
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These selected "receipts" are presented to you
With a great deal of pride - some are old - some are new.
Our book is in memory of other good cooks
Who in earlier days made the Heart and Hand books.
If you're fond of cooking and like good "eats"
You'll enjoy our unique little book of treats.
                                 - Hattie Thomas

* Deceased Ladies (at the time the book was published).  


Bohemian Kolatchen pg. 2 Mrs. M. C. Engel
Good Light Rolls pg. 2 Elizabeth Briscoe
Boston Brown Bread pg. 2 Mrs. Alice Crum
Cornbread pg. 3 Lucille McAllister
Muffins pg. 3 * M. A. DeGroot
Pancakes pg. 3 Eva Booher
Whole Wheat Hot Cakes pg. 3 Mrs. Ross Lovell
Popovers pg. 4 * Mrs. Nettie Vorel
Waffles pg. 4 Adelaide Loman


Aunt Susan's Angel Food Cake

pg. 6

Mrs. Hattie Thomas
Four-Egg Angel Cake pg. 6 Mrs. Fred Fesler
Yellow Angel Food pg. 6 Lorene Thomas
Fresh Apple Cake pg. 7 Mrs. Jerome Keating
Banana Nut Cake pg. 7 Louise Morrow
Banana Nut Icing pg. 7 Louise Morrow
Banana Cake pg. 7 Mrs. Lawrence Thomas
Blackberry Jam Cake pg. 8 * Mrs. Lee Crossley
Burnt Sugar Cake pg. 8 Fern McGraw
Betty Crocker Sunburst "Chiffon" Cake pg. 8 Sue Fesler
Cocoanut Cake pg. 9 * Mrs. E. S. Chamberlain
Sour Cream Chocolate Cake pg. 9 Mrs. Elbert Wagoner
Chocolate Cup Cake pg. 10 Mrs. Paul M. Vorel, Jr.
Chocolate Marble Cake pg. 10 Mae Weber
Chocolate Icing Deluxe pg. 11 Mrs. Paul M. Vorel, Jr.
Perfect Chocolate Cake pg. 11 Clarabel Evans
Coffee Cake pg. 11 Lucille McAllister
Cocoa Spice Cake pg. 11 Mrs. A. J. Martin
Crumb Cake pg. 12 Opal Canada
Filigree Devil's Food Cake pg. 12 Mrs. Mary Belle Booher
Minute Fudge Frosting pg. 12 Mrs. Mary Belle Booher
Devil Food Cake pg. 13 Mrs. Nora Melton
Devil's Food Cake pg. 13 Pearl Briscoe
Fruit Cake pg. 13 * Mrs. G. R. Norman
Eggless Cake pg. 14 Mrs. Ira F. Baird
Mock Fruit Cake pg. 14 Mrs. Thos. J. Blaney (Lucille Melton)
Fruit Cake pg. 14 Eva Booher
Ice Box Fruit Cake pg. 14 Mrs. M. W. Wagoner
Gingerbread pg. 15 Ethel Vorel
Layer Cake pg. 15 * Mrs. Talitha Perkins
Man's Favorite Cake pg. 15 Emma Hillerby
Nut Cake pg. 15 * Mrs. Elizabeth Morgan
1-2-3-4 Cake pg. 16 Mrs. Jacob Loman
Peach Preserve Cake pg. 16 Mrs. Olive Elson
Pineapple Upside Down Cake pg. 16 Louise Morrow
Sour Cream Nut Cake pg. 17 Mrs. R. L. Canada
Royal Tropicaroma pg. 17 Opal Canada
Strawberry Shortcake pg. 17 Mrs. Ross Lovell
Royal Strawberry Cake pg. 18 * Mrs. C. C. Hayes
Quick Spice Cake pg. 18 Opal Canada
Golden Sponge Cake pg. 18 Mary Frances Fesler
Spice Cake pg. 19 Mrs. O. B. Roberts
Spice Cake pg. 19 * Sue G. Hamilton
Speedluxe White Cake pg. 19 Mrs. Warren Douglas
One Bowl White Cake pg. 20 Mrs. Carl Booher
White Cake pg. 20 Mercedes Graham
Seven-Minute Icing

pg. 20

Mercedes Graham


Aunt Bill's Brown Candy pg. 23 Elizabeth Hayes
Aunt Susan's Fudge pg. 23 Lucille McAllister
Dolla's Date Loaf pg. 23 Mrs. Austin Briscoe
Divinity pg. 23 Fannah Canada
Panocha pg. 24 Mercedes Graham
Peanut Brittle pg. 24 Julia Booher Neher
Pop Corn Balls pg. 24 Gladys Tansel
Recipe for Happiness pg. 24 Lola Briscoe


Bran Cookies

pg. 27

Maggie Hayes
Butterscotch Icebox Cookies pg. 27 Helen Fesler
Chocolate Cookies pg. 27 Mrs. Elbert Wagoner
Christmas Goodies pg. 28 Mrs. John Hennessey
Cocoanut Cookies pg. 28 Cora Wiggans
Cream Puffs pg. 28 Mrs. Ross Lovell
Date Roll Refrigerator Cookies pg. 28 Mrs. Aaron Baker
Doughnuts pg. 29 Georgia Vorel
Doughnuts pg. 29 Lola Briscoe
Sour Cream Doughnuts pg. 29 Ethel Vorel

pg. 29

Maggie Hayes
Gum Drop Cookies pg. 30 Pearl Briscoe
Macaroons pg. 30 Gladys Tansel
Ma's Sugar Cookies pg. 30 Mrs. Austin Briscoe
Ice Box Molasses Cookies pg. 30 Mrs. Elsie Fesler
Picnic Cookies pg. 31 Mrs. Chas. Hrdlicka
Raisin Crisps pg. 31 Mrs. Warren Douglas
Sour Cream Cookies pg. 31 Helen Fesler
My Favorite Oatmeal Cookies pg. 32 Mrs. John Hennessey
Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies pg. 32 * Mrs. John J. Walker


Economy Ice Cream

pg. 34

Mrs. Geo. Catron
Plain Ice Cream pg. 34 Maggie Hayes
Angel Food Ice Cream pg. 34 Mrs. O. B. Roberts
Three Sixes Sherbert pg. 34 Mrs. Mary Belle Booher
Pineapple Sherbert pg. 34 * Mrs. D. S. Walker
Date Roll pg. 35 Bertha Gaskill
Apple Dumplings with a Tang pg. 35 Lora Norman
English Toffee Refrigerator Pudding pg. 35 Opal Canada
Chilled Grape Dessert pg. 36 Louise Lovell
Fruit Pudding pg. 36 * Mrs. Susan E. Babb
Fruit of the Gods pg. 36 Grace Hennessey
Lemon Parfait pg. 36 Marguerite Smith
Pineapple Pudding pg. 36 Elsie Fesler


Bohemian Tea

pg. 39

Mrs. Carl Harding
Fruit Punch pg. 39 Mrs. Carl Harding
Fruit Punch pg. 39 Gwendolyn Shinn
Orange Mint Drink pg. 39 Jeanette Hartman
Hot Chocolate pg. 40 Bessie Ashley

Meat and Meat Substitutes

Creamed Chicken

pg. 42

* Grandma Meyer
Dressing pg. 42 Mrs. Laurence Thomas
Noodles pg. 42 Elizabeth Briscoe
Cabbage Cigars

pg. 42

Mrs. Jacob Loman
Five-Layer Dinner pg. 43 Mrs. Fred Fesler
My Favorite Dinner pg. 43 Lola Briscoe
Ham Casserole pg. 43 Gladys Tansel
Ham Loaf pg. 43 Clarabel Evans
Ham with a Wham pg. 43 Mrs. John Hennessey
Czechoslovakian Iternitzi or Hogs Head Cheese pg. 44 Mary Gibson
Barbecued Lamb pg. 44 Elsie Fesler
Barbecue Sauce pg. 44 Mrs. Cleo E. Buzzard
Chile Recipe pg. 44 Mrs. Allan Booher
Tamale Pie pg. 45 Mrs. W. J. Arthur
Meat Dish pg. 45 Mrs. Jacob Loman
Meat Dish pg. 45 Mrs. Roy Hayes
Meat Balls pg. 45 Sue Fesler
Italian Spaghetti with Meat Balls pg. 46 Mrs. Warren Douglas
Spanish Steak pg. 46 Mary Belle Vorel
Spanish Rice pg. 46 Mrs. Chas. Allen
Spaghetti Loaf pg. 46 Mrs. Floyd E. Fesler
Peanut Butter Loaf pg. 47 Mrs. L. E. Ray
Mock Cat Fish pg. 47 Lola Briscoe
Salmon Loaf pg. 47 Mrs. Violet Points Oliver
Scalloped Oysters pg. 47 Lucille McAllister


Delicious Apple Pie pg. 50 * Mrs. A. E. Haug
Dutch Apple Pie pg. 50 * Mrs. L. S. Lay
Butter Scotch Pie pg. 50 Emma Hillerby
Canned Cherry Pie pg. 50 * Mrs. Bernice Norman
Chocolate Cream Pie pg. 50 Eunice Booher
Graham Cracker Cream Pie pg. 51 Florence Rogers
Lemon Pie pg. 51 Mrs. Ray Herrold
Lemon Pie pg. 51 Ester Toler
Chess Pie pg. 52 Unknown
Pineapple Pie pg. 52 Mrs. Milt Rogers
Two Crust Pineapple Pie pg. 52 Janice Ingram
Pumpkin Pie pg. 52 Fern McGraw
Pecan Pie pg. 52 Pearl Briscoe
Anna Maude's Fresh Peach Pie pg. 53 Opal Canada
Pecan Pie pg. 53 Mrs. W. R. Arthur
Sliced Sweet Potato Pie

pg. 53

* Mrs. J. C. Arnett

Pickles and Relishes

Apple Relish pg. 55 Mrs. Ruby Bednar
Corn Relish pg. 55 Mrs. Jim May
Dixie Relish pg. 55 Belle Huntington
Relish pg. 55 Mrs. Bessie Lovell
Catsup pg. 56 Sue Fesler
Chili Sauce pg. 56 Lola Briscoe
Chili Sauce pg. 56 * Maggie Helms
Crystallized Sweet Pickles pg. 56 Mrs. Olive Elson
Sweet Pickles pg. 56 * Grandma Hennessey
Dill Pickle Recipe pg. 57 Fern McGraw
Dill Pickles pg. 57 Mrs. Elbert Wagoner
Spiced Apples pg. 57 Lola Briscoe
Cranberry Jelly pg. 57 Mrs. Ross Lovell
Strawberry Sun Preserves pg. 57 Mrs. Ruby Bednar
Pear Honey

pg. 57

Amanda Huntington


Baltimore Salad pg. 60 Mrs. L. Elson
Black Cherry Salad pg. 60 Mrs. E. E. Cox
Christmas Salad pg. 60 Marguerite Smith
Cranberry Salad pg. 60 Mary Belle Vorel
Date Salad pg. 60 Mrs. Ira F. Baird
Orange Cheese Salad pg. 61 Mrs. T. A. Vaughn
Pineapple Tarte pg. 61 Mrs. Leon Watson
White Salad pg. 61 * Mrs. Aaron Baker
Golden Glow Salad pg. 61 Mrs. Ross Lovell
Heavenly Hash pg. 62 Mrs. Chas. Allen
Bean Salad pg. 62 Mrs. E. R. Rackley
Cabbage Salad pg. 62 * Mrs. O. M. Cole
Cold Slaw with Cream pg. 62 Mrs. Maude Herrold
Lime-Vegetable Salad pg. 62 Mrs. A. J. Martin
English Pea Salad pg. 63 Emma Hillerby
Green Bean Salad pg. 63 * Minnie Belle Downs
Hot Slaw pg. 63 Mrs. Ora A. Wood
Boiled Salad Dressing pg. 63 * Mrs. Wm. McCorkle
Cabbage Slaw pg. 63 Mrs. Ethelda Roberts


Baked Beans pg. 64 Mrs. John Rinehart
Barbecued Beans pg. 64 Mrs. W. J. Arthur
Harvard Beets pg. 64 Bertha Gaskill
Horse-Radish Beets pg. 64 Jeanette Hartman
Carrots in Orange Juice pg. 65 Mrs. E. E. Cox
Fried Carrots pg. 65 Fern McGraw
Corn Fritters pg. 65 Lora Norman
Squash pg. 65 Gladys Tansel
Vegetable Hash pg. 65 Mrs. L. E. Ray
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