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Our Friendship Cook Book

Meats and Meat Substitutes

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Creamed Chicken

pg. 42

* Grandma Meyer
Dressing pg. 42 Mrs. Laurence Thomas
Noodles pg. 42 Elizabeth Briscoe
Cabbage Cigars

pg. 42

Mrs. Jacob Loman
Five-Layer Dinner pg. 43 Mrs. Fred Fesler
My Favorite Dinner pg. 43 Lola Briscoe
Ham Casserole pg. 43 Gladys Tansel
Ham Loaf pg. 43 Clarabel Evans
Ham with a Wham pg. 43 Mrs. John Hennessey
Czechoslovakian Iternitzi or Hogs Head Cheese pg. 44 Mary Gibson
Barbecued Lamb pg. 44 Elsie Fesler
Barbecue Sauce pg. 44 Mrs. Cleo E. Buzzard
Chile Recipe pg. 44 Mrs. Allan Booher
Tamale Pie pg. 45 Mrs. W. J. Arthur
Meat Dish pg. 45 Mrs. Jacob Loman
Meat Dish pg. 45 Mrs. Roy Hayes
Meat Balls pg. 45 Sue Fesler
Italian Spaghetti with Meat Balls pg. 46 Mrs. Warren Douglas
Spanish Steak pg. 46 Mary Belle Vorel
Spanish Rice pg. 46 Mrs. Chas. Allen
Spaghetti Loaf pg. 46 Mrs. Floyd E. Fesler
Peanut Butter Loaf pg. 47 Mrs. L. E. Ray
Mock Cat Fish pg. 47 Lola Briscoe
Salmon Loaf pg. 47 Mrs. Violet Points Oliver
Scalloped Oysters pg. 47 Lucille McAllister

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