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Our Friendship Cook Book

Pickles and Relishes

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Apple Relish pg. 55 Mrs. Ruby Bednar
Corn Relish pg. 55 Mrs. Jim May
Dixie Relish pg. 55 Belle Huntington
Relish pg. 55 Mrs. Bessie Lovell
Catsup pg. 56 Sue Fesler
Chili Sauce pg. 56 Lola Briscoe
Chili Sauce pg. 56 * Maggie Helms
Crystallized Sweet Pickles pg. 56 Mrs. Olive Elson
Sweet Pickles pg. 56 * Grandma Hennessey
Dill Pickle Recipe pg. 57 Fern McGraw
Dill Pickles pg. 57 Mrs. Elbert Wagoner
Spiced Apples pg. 57 Lola Briscoe
Cranberry Jelly pg. 57 Mrs. Ross Lovell
Strawberry Sun Preserves pg. 57 Mrs. Ruby Bednar
Pear Honey

pg. 57

Amanda Huntington

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