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Delicious Apple Pie pg. 50 * Mrs. A. E. Haug
Dutch Apple Pie pg. 50 * Mrs. L. S. Lay
Butter Scotch Pie pg. 50 Emma Hillerby
Canned Cherry Pie pg. 50 * Mrs. Bernice Norman
Chocolate Cream Pie pg. 50 Eunice Booher
Graham Cracker Cream Pie pg. 51 Florence Rogers
Lemon Pie pg. 51 Mrs. Ray Herrold
Lemon Pie pg. 51 Ester Toler
Chess Pie pg. 52 Unknown
Pineapple Pie pg. 52 Mrs. Milt Rogers
Two Crust Pineapple Pie pg. 52 Janice Ingram
Pumpkin Pie pg. 52 Fern McGraw
Pecan Pie pg. 52 Pearl Briscoe
Anna Maude's Fresh Peach Pie pg. 53 Opal Canada
Pecan Pie pg. 53 Mrs. W. R. Arthur
Sliced Sweet Potato Pie

pg. 53

* Mrs. J. C. Arnett

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