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Baltimore Salad pg. 60 Mrs. L. Elson
Black Cherry Salad pg. 60 Mrs. E. E. Cox
Christmas Salad pg. 60 Marguerite Smith
Cranberry Salad pg. 60 Mary Belle Vorel
Date Salad pg. 60 Mrs. Ira F. Baird
Orange Cheese Salad pg. 61 Mrs. T. A. Vaughn
Pineapple Tarte pg. 61 Mrs. Leon Watson
White Salad pg. 61 * Mrs. Aaron Baker
Golden Glow Salad pg. 61 Mrs. Ross Lovell
Heavenly Hash pg. 62 Mrs. Chas. Allen
Bean Salad pg. 62 Mrs. E. R. Rackley
Cabbage Salad pg. 62 * Mrs. O. M. Cole
Cold Slaw with Cream pg. 62 Mrs. Maude Herrold
Lime-Vegetable Salad pg. 62 Mrs. A. J. Martin
English Pea Salad pg. 63 Emma Hillerby
Green Bean Salad pg. 63 * Minnie Belle Downs
Hot Slaw pg. 63 Mrs. Ora A. Wood
Boiled Salad Dressing pg. 63 * Mrs. Wm. McCorkle
Cabbage Slaw

pg. 63

Mrs. Ethelda Roberts

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