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This website presents digital reproductions of the original pages of the book Immel and Imel Families in America - Twigs and Branches of the Immel Family Tree by Velma Byrum Keller. In addition to the digital images, the website contains new features not in the book: an every-name index, an illustrations index, a guestbook, and page navigation tools.
Errors in the original data as presented by the author, Mrs. Keller, cannot be corrected. This work should be used as a secondary reference, "as-is", just as if you were viewing a library book. Please feel free to add comments, corrections and additional information to the guestbook.
Without written permission of the site owner, duplication of any page or portion of any page at this website including but not limited to compiled lists, indexes, images, graphics, design/layout and HTML code, by way of copying, printing, downloading or any other method of gemination, is a violation of United States copyright law and is expressly prohibited by the Terms of Use of this website. Fair-use application may apply.
The first (and only) printing of "Immel and Imel Families in America" was limited to the number of copies pre-sold and has been out-of-print since 1974. No copies are known to be available for sale. A digital version has been discussed - please feel free to write to the address below to indicate your interest in such a project.
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