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Louise Rose's Family History Pages welcome

Welcome to my Pages dedicated to Family History

My name is Louise ROSE and I live in Yeovil, Somerset, in the beautiful South West of England.

I have been dabbling in family history for about sixteen years now, on and off, and have spent a considerable amount of time collecting together information on my family and anything to do with the GRIMSTONE name. This of course includes variant spellings of the name such as GRIMSTON, GRIMSON, GRIMPSON, DE GRYMESTONE etc.

GRIMSTONE is my mother's maiden name, and I have always been fascinated by it. It is somewhat unusual, and finding other GRIMSTONE researchers is rare. In the hope of giving every assistance to anyone interested in the name, I decided to create a site on which to put my databases of collected information. It would be really wonderful if we could link each and every person with the name into one great big family. Time will no doubt tell on that issue, but that's the plan. Click on the GRIMSTONE One Name Study button on the left to find lists of births, marriages and deaths.

If anyone has information which will fill in any of the blank spaces, no matter how small, I would be very grateful to receive it (please give sources). Corrections are welcome too! Also, if anyone with GRIMSTONE connections, or any other variant of the name would like me to link to their webpages, please email your request.

I am indebted to Leslie GRIMSTON for sharing information from his databases and allowing me to add this information to mine. Leslie has been researching the GRIMSTON name in the north of England, particularly in Yorkshire, for over 15 years. He is willing to share his knowledge with anyone interested, and can be contacted here.


Of perhaps greater interest to a wider audience, is the collection of transcribed
Somerset Parish Registers
Some transcriptions of marriages which took place in the Parish Church of
St John the Baptist, Yeovil, Somerset, England are now online.

Following on from redesigning the structure of these pages, I hope to upload something new fairly regularly. So if this is your area of interest, click on the
Somerset Parish Register button in the left hand panel, or click on the link below,
and look out for more coming soon.

Louise Picture Wishing you all the best of luck in the search for your family history.

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