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The Darrell Awards

Promoting Literacy in the Mid-South by
Recognizing the Best Published 
Midsouth Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Underwritten by generous support from the 
Mid-South Science & Fiction Conventions, Inc. (MSFCI)
It gives us  great pleasure to announce that the 2014 Hall of Fame inductee is FRANK TUTTLE for his outstanding body of Science Fiction and Fantasy work, including Passing the NarrowsAnthology 1: The Far Corners,  On the Road: Mallara and Burn, Wistril Compleat, and other published works. Frank qualified as an author living in our area (he lives in Oxford, MS).


Winners & other honorees were presented at the MidSouthCon 32 Banquet on Saturday March 22, 2014.  Please see here (Results) for the 2014 winners and other honored works. 

Please contact us at darrell at darrellawards dot org if you would like to participate in the 2015 Darrell Awards, either as a Reader or a full-blown Member of the Jury. 
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2015 Nomination Form
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2015 Nomination Form in Word doc format

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About our Darrell 
(Dr. Darrell C. Richardson)

History of the Darrell Awards


Hall of Fame - through 2014

Winners Index  through 2014

NOTICE to Nominees

A Statement About the Recipients of the Awards

Please note: we do NOT release a list of those works that have been merely nominated. This is because nominations are open to all; so, even the author or publisher or a relative or friend could nominate the work. This means that it is not (as they say at the big time award shows) "an honor merely to be nominated" -- it is simply the first step in getting the work officially considered by the Darrell Awards Jury. Also, every year, we see some works that are nominated which do not qualify or which are too poor-quality for us to lend any support to them. So, for all these reasons, we do NOT confirm or deny that any particular work has been merely nominated.

For a list of the previous Winners and others receiving recognition, please see the Winners page which includes 1996 through 2014 Winners & see our blog ( for the 2014 Winners & other Honored Works. 

Please see the link on the left to the Qualifications Page before you nominate a work, ok?  See the links on the left for a 2015 Nomination Form in Adobe PDF and other formats.  (Now that the latest version of the free Adobe Reader has a feature that lets you add text, you can fill in even the pdf version of the the form, save it and email it back to us. Or, feel free to use the Word doc or Word docx versions.) 

ANYONE CAN NOMINATE, even the author (or her agent or his publisher or their friends). All we ask is that you see the Nomination Form for details of how to nominate and what qualifies (or see the Qualifications page).

It is also a Good Thing to send several copies of the work being nominated to make it easier for the Jury to evaluate it. Two or three in print or one in pdf seems to work best, with one extra printed copy for YA works.  Of course, if the work is available only in electronic format, you can send one pdf, text or doc copy (with NO digital rights management, PLEASE!) along with your email in which you nominate the work.  Or, if it is only in print on paper, please send 2 or 3 printed copies.  For movies, 1 CD or DVD works fine, as the Jury will all watch it together at the same time.

Please see us on
for news & updates.

If you know of any works that you believe qualify, please note that the DEADLINE for nominations for the 2015 Darrell Awards has now been set as January 1, 2015. 

For Novel, Novella, & Short Story nominees, the period of publication now under consideration is from November 1, 2013, through October 31, 2014 for the 2015 Darrell Awards. Works in those categories published after October 31, 2014 would have to wait until next year for consideration. 

Please note that we are now alternating our Young Adult category with the Other Media category. For the 2015 Darrell Awards, any Other Media works that otherwise qualify and that was "published" (made available for the public to view) between November 1, 2012, and October 31, 2014, can be nominated for the 2015 Darrell Award for Best Midsouth Young Adult work.  We will not present the Young Adult Works award in 2015; that category will return in 2016 if we have enough qualified nominees. 

Any eligible works published before November 1, 2013 might qualify the author for a Hall of Fame nomination, as that is not limited to any given period of publication. 

If you are unclear about whether a work you want to nominate is eligible, please contact us at memphissf at cs dot com or darrell at darrellawards dot org.

For further information on the Darrell Awards, please contact Tim Gatewood,  Darrell Awards Jury, 3125 South Mendenhall Road, # 353, Memphis TN 38115.
The Darrell Awards now has its own fan page on Facebook. Please visit us there and become a fan to keep up with news about the Awards.

We know that there are other awards given in SF (yeah, we know!)  Here's a page about Other Awards

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