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My name is Joseph G Court. I live in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. I am the owner and webmaster of this website. I am a retired computer consultant.

For those who want to see a face, here I am Photo

This website was started as part of a training course to teach people the uses of the internet. This was one of the requirements for me to obtain a NVQ Level III in Information Technology.
I created a small website using different page layouts to show various styles. As a whole it was a mix of styles containing about 20 pages (under 1 megabyte) of mainly computer information.

This site as it is now is a combination of my previous websites, which I did in 2003. Archive copy from 2004.
These were as follows:- -Archive copy from 2000 This was my computing business website (before retiring). - This was a genealogy information site used for training. - This was a history site used mainly for training. - Archive copy from 2000 This was a local history and information site.

Since retiring in 2006, I have tried to make the site more 'user-friendly' by unifying the style in the format you now see most of it in. Most of the site can be read easily by a Braille converter or equivalent technology thereby making the site suitable for the use of visually impaired people. Some parts have yet to be converted. They will be altered as amendments and additional updates are added to those pages. At the moment there are over 5000 pages of searchable information. There are currently (April 2012) over 30000 files in total (inc graphics, etc.).
Statistics are available here The content is now more directed at local information, local and British history and genealogy, but still holds relevant international and computer information and links.

The site is written to W3 standards so if your browser has problems it's most probably out of date or one that doesn't recognise the universal web standard.

Parts of the website are updated on a weekly basis, or more often if required, with new sections being added occasionaly, so please keep visiting.

I am also a voluntary editor for various other organisations including Wikipedia, Facebook and Geonames. In the past I was an Associate member of the HTML Writers' Guild and used to help webmasters sort out HTML coding problems.

I'm also a member of the Guild of Copy Editors.

I can be contacted through the link at the foot of most pages on my web site.

Unfortunately, I had a heart attack in October 2009 and was hospitalised and therefore unable to access or update my website for a couple of years. Now I've recovered enough to resume updating and dealing with queries.

The latest update (April 2012) includes a translator amd a search engine on most pages.

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