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Alverthorpe and Low Laithes Part 1

This book has been reproduced for the Internet by Joseph G Court
with the permission of the author, Ken Bartlett (1932 - 2004)
Updated October 2011

For a 1892 Map of Alverthorpe Click Here


by Ken Bartlett

Graphic0 Front cover.
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Graphic1 Back of Front cover - Details of timbers.
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I dedicate this book to the following people who were children and teenagers in the years 1938 - 1946 when I lived in Milner's Court.

John H. Broadbent. Eric Gibson. John Goodair. Joyce Green. Peggy Hammond. Lorna Jackson. Stanley Jackson. Derek Jessop. Derek Shaw. Allan Shaw. Brian Shaw. Malcolm Slee. Gladys Smith. Margaret Smith. Kathleen Smith. Molly Smith. Laurie Thompson. Dennis Thompson. Christine Thompson. Herman Walker.

I would like to thank Paul Webster who assisted me in the survey of Low Laithes Stewards house and Albert Cullimore who took the photographs.
Wakefield Museum for the photographs of "The Batty House", Flanshaw.
John Goodchild for the photographs plates 1a & 1b, 4a & 4b, 5b, and plate 19.
The daughter of Ernest Buckley Fletcher for plates A, B, C, D, appendix B and permission to publish her fathers notes.
Norman Ellis (Ossett) for plates 2a & 2b.
Mrs Clara Oxley (nee Lindley) for memories of her childhood.
Mrs Lorna Barker (nee Jackson) for permission to publish her mother's poem and
John H. Broadbent for his helpful suggestions.
I would also like to thank Neil Hollings for processing plates la, lb, 4a, 4b, 5b and 19 on the computer otherwise I would not have been able to publish them.

Ken. Bartlett May 1998.

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