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Another Alverthorpe poem

Another Alverthorpe poem.

Remember ye old Alverthorpe,
With it's chapel church pubs and schools,
See what the hands of time have done,
'gainst nature and man made rules.

Remember ye the old Cock Inn,
With it's low roof and whitewashed wall,
The potsale held in the Cock Inn yard
Had interest for all.

Remember ye old Blacksmith's Fold,
With it's cosy one up and one down,
'tis there many Alverthorpers,
has memories of maypole crown.

Remember ye the idle corner,
Where the colliers used to sit.
There it was more coal was hewn,
Than came out of Roundwood pit.

Remember ye the Alverthorpe Feast,
Oh! What an important affair,
With Jabez's organ a tootin',
And Tuckers flying chair.

Remember ye the hundredth year,
How proud that day were we,
Our own church we loved so dear,
Attained centenary.

In spite of all the changes,
And the things that make fowk gawp,
It allus wor and will be,
Good owd Ollerthorpe.

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