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History of Wakefield Cathedral - 20th Century

The Twentieth Century.

The twentieth century continues to see change and decay! Three times appeals for funds have been made. The first was in the '20s when the ravages of death watch beetle needed attention. The appeal was aborted because of the coal strike. In 1933 it became urgent to reroof the Nave. Then in 1978 an appeal was launched to repair the interior of the tower which Scott had left alone, rebuild the organ and build the Hall as a memorial to Bishop Eric Treacy. As so many times before in its long history, dire necessity for repair has been the catalyst for development. So it will always be. For this is a living Church, reflecting the needs and aspirations, the hopes and fears of each succeeding generation. Its tall, graceful spire has remained the citizens of Wakefield of their place in God's continuing plan and care for the past 550 years - and will go on doing so when all the buildings around have gone. But He is a living God, and each generation responds in its own way, so changes in the building, in the liturgy, and in its ornaments, will always happen. In its long history, no generation has left the church as it found it; some have neglected it or mutilated it; others have restored or beautified it. Each has reflected its own needs. May it be the same for us and for those who come after us.

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