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History of Wakefield Cathedral - Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass windows.

Wakefield Cathedral - like many other churches - underwent a great 'restoration' during the nineteenth century. The work here was undertaken under the direction of Sir George Gilbert Scott and was commenced in 1857 - the culmination of the work being the filling of the nave windows with painted glass during the 1870's by Kemp. The Cathedral is dedicated to All Saints and they are shown in the windows from both the Old and the New Testaments. Kemp also undertook other work on the completion of the Eastward extension (c1905) - depicting the story of Man's Salvation together with Northern Saints and those whose work parallels that of an Old Testament figure e.g. Ambrose with King David. Further information on the history of the Cathedral is obtainable in the guide book 'For All The Saints' available at the bookstall.
Starting from the Tower at the East end of the Cathedral, and working clockwise round the Cathedral, the windows are as follows:-
1. Depicts the Resurrection with Christ seated in Majesty (Bolton Memorial) 1868 a
2. Creation of Angels (Harrison Memorial) 1894 a
3. Fall of Man (Bywater Memorial) 1887 b
4. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph (Stewart Memorial) 1887 b
5. Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Gideon (Stewart Memorial 1887 b
6. David, Solomon, Hezekiah, Ezra (David Mackie Memorial) June 1886 b
7. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel (Robert Mackie Memorial) June 1886 b
8. Hosea, Micah, Zechariah, Malachi (John Mackie Memorial) 1891 b
9. 2 lights depicting Annunciation (Irviton of Greencoat School Memorial) 1889 b
10. Saints Bede, Oswald, Cuthbert, Chad (Sanderson Memorial) Nov 1 1898 b c
11. 4 lights illustrating John 20. 13-16 (May Dorne Memorial) 1907 b
12. 12 lights depicting The Nativity to The Presentation in the Temple c1905 b
13. 3 lights depict quotations from Psalms (Burrell Memorial) 1907 b
14. 3 lights depict The Supper at Emmaus (Edward Mackie Memorial) 1905 b
15. 10 lights depict Saints Andrew & Hilda, Mary Virgin & Paulinus, Christ in Majesty and Peter & Paul, 1900 b
John & Oswald, Stephen & Chad, Ambrose & King David, Gregory & Isaiah, Jesus - The Son of Man,
Augustine & Moses, Jerome & Ezra (Nowell Fernandes of Pledwick Memorial)
16. 6 lights depict Saints Paulinus, Edwin, Hilda, Aiden, Wilfred & Cuthbert (Yorkshire Saints) 1911 b ( Horner Memorial)
17. 3 lights depict the Crucified, the Centurian (St Longimus), Mary led away by John. 1905 b (Gaskell of Thornes Memorial)
18. 3 lights depict Jesus and Children (Bishop How Memorial) (Symbolically faces the Font) Easter 1905 b
19. 4 groups of 3 lights depict The Passion:
I. The Way of the Cross.
II. The Three Crosses 1905 b
III. Gethsemane.
IV. The Trial of Jesus. (Sanderson of Kettlethorpe Memorial)
20. Depicts Nativity & Flight into Egypt (Lucena Fernandes Memorial) 1862 b
21. 4 lights depict Raising of Lazarus (Maude Memorial) 1850 a
22. Saints Andrew, Peter, James, John Evangelist (Foljambe Memorial) 1873 b
23. Thomas, James the Less, Phillip, Bartholemew (Stewart & Lumb Memorial) 1873 b
24. Matthew, Simon, Mattias, Thaddeus (Sharp-vicar & Naylor Grammar School Head Memorial) 1873 b
25. Mary Virgin, Elizabeth, Anna, Mary Magdelene (Coates Memorial) 1872 b
26. John Baptist, Luke, Stephen, Paul (Harrison Memorial) 1872 b
27. Barnabas, Silas, Timothy, Titus (Bulmer Memorial) 1875 b
28. Baptistery windows - 4 lights of the Infant Jesus and Christ in Majesty (Goldthorpe Memorial) d
29. 4 lights depict children being presented to Jesus a
a. Hardman of Birmingham
b. Charles Eamer Kemp of London. (1837 - 1907)
c. Note - Little Model of Lichfield Cathedral.
d. Barnett of Newcastle.

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