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OAB One-to-All Broadcast
OAD Open Architecture Driver
OAG Official Airline Guide
OAG Online Air Guide
OAI Open Applications Interface
OAS One-to-All Scatter
OBD On Board Diagnostics
OBEX Object Exchange
OBJ Object
OC Optical Carrier
OCE Open Collaborative Environment
OCF Objects Components Framework
OCL Operation Control Language
OCL Operator Control Language
OCR Optical Character Recognition
OCS On-Card Sequencer
OCX OLE Custom Control
ODA Open Document Architecture
ODAPI Open Database Application Programming Interface
ODBC Object-Oriented Database Connectivity
ODBC Open Data Base Connectivity
ODBMS Object-Oriented Database Management System
ODF Object Directory File
ODI Open Data-link Interface
ODI Open Device Interconnect
ODIF Open Document Interchange Format
ODM Object Data Manager
ODM Optimised Distribution Model
ODMA Open Document Management API
ODP Open Distributed Processing
ODS Open Data Services
ODSI Open Directory Service Interface
ODT Open Desktop
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OEP Operand Execution Pipeline
OF Overflow Flag
OFB Output Feedback
OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
OFMT Output Format for Numbers
OFS Object File System
OFS Output Field Separator
OH Off Hook
OID Object Identifier
OIDL Object Interface Definition Language
OIS Office Information System
OLAP On-Line Analytical Processing
OLCP On-Line Complex Processing
OLE Object Linking and Embedding
OLGA On-Line Guitar Archive
OLI Optical Line Interface
OLMC Output Logic Macro Cell
OLSP On-Line Service Provider
OLTP On-Line Transaction Processing
OM Object Manager
OMA Object Management Architecture
OME Open Messaging Environment
OMF Object Module Format
OMF Open Media Framework
OMF Open Message Format
OMG Object Management Group
OMI Open Messaging Interface
OMNS Open Network Management System
OMR Optical Mark Recognition
ONC Open Network Computing
ONDS Open Network Distribution Services
ONE Open Network Environment
ONU Optical Network Unit
OODB Object-Oriented Database
OODMS Object-Oriented Database Management System
OOL Object-Oriented Language
OOOS Object-Oriented Operating System
OOPL Object-Oriented Programming Language
OOPS Object Oriented Programming and Systems
OOS Object-Oriented Systems
OOS Off-line Operating Simulator
OOT Object-Oriented Technology
OOUI Object Oriented User Interface
OP Operation
OP Optical
OP Output
OPAC Online Public Access Catalogue
OPC Organic/Optical Photo Conductor
OPCODE Operational Code
OPD Operand
OPM Operations Per Minute
OPS Open Profiling Standard
OPS Operations
OPT Open Protocol Technology
OPUS Octal Program Updating System
ORB Object Request Broker
ORDVAC Ordnance Variable Automatic Computer
ORI Online Retrieval Interface
ORS Output Record Separator
OS/2 Operating System/2
OS/E Operating System/Environment
OS Operating System
OSA Open Scripting/System Architecture
OSF Open Software Foundation
OSI Open Systems Interconnection
OSM Off-Screen Model
OSP On-Screen Programming
OSP Online Service Provider
OSP Optical Storage Processor
OSPF Open Shortest Path First
OSQL Object Structured Query Language
OSR2 OEM Service Release 2
OT Object Technology
OTA Operation-Triggered Architecture
OTA Over The Air
OTF Open Token Foundation
OTP One-Time Programmable
OURS Open Users Recommended Solutions
OUTS Output String
OV Overflow
OVAL Object-Based Virtual Application Language
OWL Object/Open Windows Library

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