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W/O Without
W/ With
W3A World Wide Web Applets
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
W4 What-Works-With-What
WAAS Wide Area Augmentation System
WABI Windows Application Binary Interface
WAE Wireless Application Environment
WAI Web Application Interface
WAIS Wide Area Information Server
WAITS Wide Area Information Transfer System
WAN Wide Area Network
WAP Wireless Application Protocol
WATS Wide Area Telecommunications Service
WBEM Web-Based Enterprise Management
WBMP Wireless BitMaP
WC Word Count
WCMP Wireless Control Message Protocol
WCS World Co-ordinate System
WDL Windows Driver Library
WDM Wavelength Division Multiplexing
WDP Wireless Datagram Protocol
WDRAM Windows Dynamic Random Access Memory
WebNFS Web Network File System
WFM Wired For Management
WFW Windows For Work-groups
WGS Work Group System
WHAM Wave-form Hold and Modify
WHC Workstation Host Connection
WIM WAP Identity Module
WINA WAP Interim Naming Authority
WINE Windows Emulator
WINForum Wireless Information Networks Forum
WINS Windows-Internet Naming Service
WINSOCK Windows Open Systems Architecture
WINSOCK Windows Sockets
WINWORD Word For Windows
WISE WordPerfect Information System Environment
WIT Web Interactive Talk
WL Word Line
WMC Workflow Management Coalition
WML Wireless Markup Language
WMLScript Wireless Markup Language Script
WNIC Wide-Area Network Interface Co-Processor
WNIM Wide-Area Network Interface Module
WORM Write Once, Read Many


WORM-Auto Repeat Request

WOS Workstation Operating System
WOSA Windows Open Services/Systems Architecture
WP Word Processing
WP WordPerfect
WP Write Protected
WPHD Write-Protect Hard Disk
WPM Words Per Minute
WPOS Workplace Operating System
WPS Windows Printing System
WPS Workplace Shell
WPVM Windows Parallel Virtual Machine
WRAM Windows Random Access Memory
WRK Windows Resource Kit
WS WordStar
WS Workstation
WSAPI Web Site Application Program Interface
WSP Wireless Session Protocol
WT Write Through
WTA Wireless Telephony Application
WTAI Wireless Telephony Application Interface
WTLS Wireless Transport Layer Security
WTP Wireless Transaction Protocol
WWIS World Wide Information System
WWW World-Wide Web
WYSBYGI What You See Before You Get It
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get

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