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X2B Hexadecimal to Binary
X2C Hexadecimal to Character
X2D Hexadecimal to Decimal
XA Extended Architecture
XA Extended Attribute
XAPIA X.400 Application Program Interface Association
XCHG Exchange
XCMD External Command
XCOPY Extended Copy
XDF Extended Density Format
XDR Extended/External Data Representation
XFCN External Function
XGA Extended Graphics Array
XID Exchange Identifier
XIOS Extended Input/Output System
XLAT Translate
XLM Excel Macro Language
XMIT Transmit
XML Extensible Mark-up Language
XMM Extended Memory Manager
XMS Extended Memory Specification
XNS Xerox Network System
XOFF Transmitter Off
XON Transmitter On
XOR Exclusive OR
XPRM Xerox Print Resources Manager
XRT Extensions for Real-Time
XSL Extensible Style Language
XSMD Extended Storage Module Drive
XSSI Extended Server Side Includes
XTAL Crystal
XTCLK External Transmit Clock

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