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European Computer Driving Licence

Module 5

Module 5 - Databases/Filing Systems
The following is the Syllabus for Module 5, which is the basis for the practice-based test on Databases. The module consists of two sections; the first section involves setting up a new database, and the second involves using an existing database to retrieve and display required information.
Module Goals Module 5 - Databases/Filing Systems , requires the candidate to understand the basic concepts of databases and demonstrate the ability to use a database on a personal computer. The module is divided in two sections; the first section tests the candidate's ability to design and plan a simple database using a standard database package; the second section requires the candidate to demonstrate that he or she can retrieve information from an existing database by using the query, select and sort tools available in the data-base. The candidate shall also be able to create and modify reports.
Category Skill Set Ref. Task Item
5.1 Getting Started 5.1.1 First Steps with Databases Open a database application. Open an existing database with default layout. Modify a record within an existing database and save. Save a database onto the hard disk or a diskette. Close the database. Use application Help functions.
5.1.2 Adjust Basic Settings Change viewing modes. Modify toolbar display.
5.2 Create a Database 5.2.1 Basic Operations Design and plan a database. Create a table with fields and attributes. Navigate throughout a table. Enter data in a table.
5.2.2. Define Keys Define a primary key Set up an index.
5.2.3 Table Design Modify table layout attributes. Modify field attributes.
5.2.4 Updating a Database Modify data in a table. Delete data in a table. Add records to the database. Delete records in the database.
5.3 Use of Forms 5.3.1 Create a Form Create a simple form. Enter data into the database using simple forms.
5.3.2 Modify Form Layout Format text. Change background colours in form layout. Import an image or graphics file into a form. Change arrangement of objects within form layout.
5.4 Retrieve Information 5.4.1 Basic Operations 5.4 1.1 Load or log onto an existing database. Find a record based on given criteria. Create a simple query. Create a query with multiple criteria. Save a query. Add filters. Remove filters.
5.4.2 Refine a Query Add fields to a query. Remove fields from a query.
5.4.3 Select and Sort Select and sort data based on given criteria. Select and sort data based on common logical operators.
5.5 Reporting 5.5.1 Create Reports Present selected data in a particular sequence on screen and in reports.
5.5 1.2 Modify a report. Create and customise Headers and Footers. Group data in a report-totals, sub-totals etc.

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