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The 88 Recognised Constellations

In astronomical works, the Latin names of the constellations are used. The letter N or S following the Latin name indicates whether the constellation is located to the north or south of the Zodiac. The letter Z indicates that the constellation is within the Zodiac.

The original constellation Argo Navis (the Ship Argo) has been divided into Carina, Puppis, and Vela. Normally the brightest star in each constellation is designated by alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, the second brightest by beta, the second letter of the Greek alphabet, and so forth. But the Greek letters run through Carina, Puppis, and Vela as if it were still one constellation.

Latin name Letter English version
Andromeda N Andromeda
Antlia S Airpump
Apus S Bird of Paradise
Aquarius Z Water Bearer
Aquila N Eagle
Ara S Altar
Aries Z Ram
Auriga N Charioteer
Bootes N Herdsmen
Caelum S Sculptor's Tool
Camelopardalis N Giraffe
Cancer Z Crab
Canes Venatici N Hunting Dogs
Canis Major S Great Dog
Canis Minor S Little Dog
Capricornus Z Goat (or Sea-Goat)
Carina S Keel (of Argo)
Cassiopeia N Cassiopeia
Centaurus S Centaur
Cepheus N Cepheus
Cetus S Whale
Chameleon S Chameleon
Circinus S Compasses
Columba S Dove
Coma Berenices N Berenice's Hair
Corona Australis S Southern Crown
Corona Borealis N Northern Crown
Corvus S Crow (Raven)
Crater S Cup
Crux S Southern Cross
Cygnus N Swan
Delphinus N Dolphin
Dorado S Swordfish (Goldfish)
Draco N Dragon
Equuleus N Filly
Eridanus S Eridanus (river)
Fornax S Furnace
Gemini Z Twins
Grus S Crane
Hercules N Hercules
Horologium S Clock
Hydra N Sea Serpent
Hydrus S Water Snake
Indus S Indian
Lacerta N Lizard
Leo Z Lion
Leo Minor N Little Lion
Lepus S Hare
Libra Z Scales
Lupus S Wolf
Lynx N Lynx
Lyra N Lyre (Harp)
Mensa S Table (mountain)
Microscopium S Microscope
Monoceros S Unicorn
Musca S Southern Fly
Norma S Rule (straightedge)
Octans S Octant
Ophiuchus N Serpent-Bearer
Orion S Orion
Pavo S Peacock
Pegasus N Pegasus
Perseus N Perseus
Phoenix S Phoenix
Pictor S Painter (or his Easel)
Pisces Z Fishes
Piscis Austrinus S Southern Fish
Puppis S Poop (of Argo)
Pyxis S Mariner's Compass
Reticulum S Net
Sagitta N Arrow
Sagittarius Z Archer
Scorpius Z Scorpion
Sculptor S Sculptor
Scutum N Shield
Serpens N Serpent
Sextans S Sextant
Taurus Z Bull
Telescopium S Telescope
Triangulum N Triangle
Triangulum Australe S Southern Triangle
Tucana S Toucan
Ursa Major N Big Dipper
Ursa Minor N Little Dipper
Vela S Sail (of Argo)
Virgo Z Virgin
Volans S Flying Fish
Vulpecula N Fox

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