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Curry strengths and flavours

BALTI medium Tomato, onion, garlic, ginger and fresh coriander. Also cucumber.
BHUNA medium, dry Fresh herbs, tomato, dhyana, fresh ginger and garlic in a thick sauce
BIRYANI medium From Mogul Empire in India, prepared with rice (usually basmati), served with curry sauce. Saffron, almonds and sultanas
DHANSAK medium/hot Sweet & sour dish of Persian origin - garlic, pineapple and lentils.
DOPIAZA medium Garlic, ginger, chopped onions, coriander, cloves and cardamon in a thick sauce.
JALFREZI fairly mild Sweet dish with mild spices, coconut cream, carnation milk and sugar. Possibly yoghurt.
KORMA medium, fairly sweet Yellow in colour, with almond and coconut powder
MADRAS fairly hot rich Garlic, chilli, lemon juice, fresh herbs, spices and tomato puree
MAHARANI fairly hot Usually simmered in a piquant slightly Sweet and Sour Patia sauce.
MAKHANI mild Made with pineapple, double cream and coconut
MASALA medium rich and spicy Onions, peppers, fresh corianda, fried with herbs and spices (garam masala).
PARSESI medium Made with spinach onion mushrooms and herbs
PASANDRA mild curry sauce Made with cream, coconut milk, and almonds.
PATHIA medium hot Generally similar to a Madras with lemon juice and tomato puree
PHAIL very hot dish using ground chillies, ginger and fennel.
ROGAN JOSH medium Onions, capsicum, paprika and tomatoes
SAMBER medium hot, sour Made with lentils and lemons
SHASHLIK Spicy Marinated in yogurt, tomato puree and herbsthen barbecued in tandoori with onions, tomatoes and capsicum
TANDOORI faily mild Asian sauce, french dressing and special mint sauce.
VINDALOO extra hot Garlic, tomato puree, lemon, taramind and ginger, black pepper.

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