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Warning - Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates only cost 7GBP (About 14USD or CAD, 15 AUD, 9EUR ) for English or Welsh certificates and 13GBP (About 26USD or CAD, 27AUD, 17EUR) for Scottish certificates.
Don't be fooled by sites offering to get them for you for more.
See General Register Office for England and Wales for details of charges.

1901 Census Online The 1901 Census for England and Wales provides a facinating insight into what life was like at the beginning of the 20th Centuary. Find a persons age, address occupation and more. You may search by name, address or institution. Thoroughly recommended !
Census availability This page summarizes the availability online and on CD of indexes, transcripts, and images of the 1841-1901 censuses of England, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, and British shipping. In the charts, the name of each county (or island) is linked to the corresponding page at Genuki, where further details can generally be found. Highly recommended!
Free Birth,Marriage and Death website Volunteer project - still being updated, but very useful.
UK Birth, Marriage and Death website Access to Births, Marriages and Deaths (also census) websites.
Scotlands People website Access to Statutory Registers, Parish Registers, Census records and Wills for Scotland.
Commonwealth War Graves Commision Find out where victims of the British Forces are buried abroad.
War Memorials in Kirklees area Searchable list of persons who are listed on memorials in the area.
National list of War Memorials There is a searchable list of persons who are listed on memorials in the UK.
Historical Directories Digital library of local and trade directories for England and Wales, from 1750 to 1919. Costs £6.95 minimum, which allows 90 days access with 60Credits. Free census search.
Cyndi's List Lists of Genealogy Sites on the Internet.
Adoption Search First port of call for anyone thinking about searching for or making contact with birth and adopted relatives.
Genealogy Junction More Genealogy information.
LDS database Search for your family history.
GeneaNet Genealogical Database Network
Gen Gateway Another resource for searching the net
Rootsweb Search RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative Search Engines Online Genealogy
Family Relatives site Minumum credit charge £6.00 - similar to
Fed of East European FHS sites Full Text search engine - Index of Federation of East European Family History Societies Web sites
Surname Genealogy Search Helps you search for your surname links on the web
Genealogy Pages One of the World's Premier Genealogy Portal
Society of Genealogists Professional Organisation
FFHS Federation of Family History Societies
Archives Online Lists of local archives and resources online
Family Records Official sources for family history
Documents Online Examples of images available on National Archives
RBL Royal British Legion - Veterans Association
WAAF Organisation Women's Auxiliary Air Force Association website
Forces Reunited Contact ex forces people
IWM London Lambeth website of Imperial War Museum
IWM Duxford Duxford website of Imperial War Museum
RAF Museum Website of Royal Air Force Museum Hendon
Natl. Army Museum London website of National Army Museum
Natl. Maritime Museum Royal Museums, Greenwich website
Fleet Air Arm Museum Website of the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton
Moving Here Passenger lists, Immigration from other parts of the world
General Register Office Official information on Births, Marriages and Deaths
Adoption Tracker A UK-based site, with a database, where people can register FREE their details and those of whom they are seeking
Julie's People Search Site Message board, information on how and where to trace, adoption database plus organisations and researchers worldwide.
Adoption Match Two part register designed to help people affected by adoption to make contact with each other.
Barnardo's Barnardo's Counselling Service provides a tracing service but only for adoption through Barnardo's.
NORCAP National Organisation for the Counselling of Adoptees and Parents
PeopleTrace Adoptee-founded organisation offering various services to assist people in tracing Natural/Birth Relatives.
General Register Office for Scotland General Register Office for Scotland
General Register Office for Northern Ireland Northern Ireland records
Civil Registry Isle of Man records
Wakefield MDC Cemetary Search Search Wakefield MDC Cemetery records

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