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The Will of George Henry Roberts

Of the City of Wakefield , Gentleman
Died sixteenth day of September 1900
at Bournemouth in the county of Southampton

Probate granted to
Ellen Roberts of Avenue House, Wakefield aforsaid the Widow, the relict Gervase Henry Roberts of Caerleon Villas, Clifton Road, Prestwich in the county of Lancaster, Engineer. the son of the said deceased and John Scott of Wakefield aforesaid, Solicitor the Executors named in the said WILL.

Dated 8th day of November 1900

Gross Value of Estate £ 17,966 : 2 : 6

Net Value £ 14,295 : 17 : 1

Extracted by Brown, Wilkin, Scott
Soliciters , Wakefield

I George Henry Roberts of the city of Wakefield, Gentleman do declare this to be my last and only WILL,

I nominate and appoint my dear wife Ellen Roberts, my son Gervase Henry Roberts of 64 Scholes Bank, Harwich hear Bolton in the county of Lancaster Engineer and my friend John Scott of Wakefield aforsaid solicitor hereinafter referred to as my trustees, joint trustees and executors of this my will.

I give and bequeath all my furniture plate linen china glass and household effects unto my said wife Ellen Roberts absolutely.

I give and devise all my real estate whatsoever and wheresoever situate to my said son, Gervase Henry Roberts absolutely save and except and I direct that my said son Gervase Henry Roberts shall permit and suffer my said wife the free use and enjoyment of Avenue House in Wakefield aforsaid and where I now reside so long as she shall continue my widow.

I give and bequeath all my personal estate to my trustees upon trust in the first place to pay there out all my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses and to pay the following legacies.

Namely to each Trustee and Executor who proves this my will and acts in the trust thereof, the legacie or sum of fifty pounds.

To my said son the said Gervase Henry Roberts the further legacie or sum of five hundred pounds and as to the rest residue and remainder of my said personal estate.

I direct my trustees to invest and hold the same upon trust to pay the annual income arising thereof to my said wife so long as she shall continue my widow but in case of her remarriage then immediately thereupon I direct my trustees to raise sufficient capital out of my said residuary personal estate and therewith to purchase a life annuity (five deleted) Two hundred pounds for my said wife to be paid to her by equal quarterly or half yearly payments.

I further direct my trustees to raise and pay the legacie or sum of five hundred pounds to each of my daughters out of my said residuary personal estate during the widowhood of my said wife, on their respectively attaining the age of twenty five years or marrying with the consent of my said wife between the age of twenty one and twenty five years such sum to be taken as part of each daughters share under this my Will, and I further devise my trustees upon the youngest of my children attaining the age of twenty one years and after the remarriage or death of my said wife whichever shall first happen to realise the whole of my said residuary personal estate and after payment of all the costs and charges of doing so to pay and divide the same equally between and amongst all my children for their own absolute use and benefit, subject to any daughter of mine who shall have received the said legacy or sum of five hundred pounds bringing in the same into account as hereinfor mentioned and directed .

And in the case of the death of any of my children leaving issue such issue to take their parents share .

I also direct my trustees to sell and dispose of such stocks and shares as may be liable to a call or calls thereon in the first instance for the purpose of discharging my said just debts funeral and testamentary expenses and payment of legacies all which I direct to be paid free of duty.

I further empower my Trustees to continue? the investments as they stand at the time of my death without being personally responsible and liable for any loss or losses that may be occasioned thereby

I devise all copyhold estates vested in me as trustee or mortgagee to my trustees subject to the trusts and equities affecting the same estates respectively

I direct and it is my will and device that the said JOHN SCOTT shall be paid his legal and professional charges for all work doneby him as solicitor to my trust estate in the same manner as he would have been entitled had he not been appointed a Trustee and Executor under this my WILL

Lastly I hereby revoke all former wills

In witness whereof I have to this and the previous sheet of paper set my hand this sixteenth day of March , One Thousand eight hundred and ninety five


Signed by the said testator

As and for his last will and testament in the presence of use both present at the same time who at his request in his sight and presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as attesting witnesses

Thos. Lees

Henry Atinson } Clerks to Messr. Brown Wilkinson & Scott
Solicitors Wakefield

On the 8th day of November 1900 Probate of this will was granted to ELLEN ROBERTS, GERVASE HENRY ROBERTS and JOHN SCOTT, the executors

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