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European standard colour markers for pipes and ducts

Colours used in pipes and ducts

Contents Examples Colour
Water Brine, condensate, water (hot or cold)  Green  
Steam  Stream (high and low pressure) White   
Air  High or low pressure air, vacuum Light blue   
Gases  Ammonia, Chlorine, Natural gas, Nitrogen, Oxygen Orange   
Acids and alkalis  Ammonia solution, Caustic, Hydrochloric, Nitric, Phosphoric, Sulphuric acids Blue violet   
Oils and combustible  Benzine, Diesel, Formaldehyde, Glycol, Lubricating oils, Used Solvents Brown   
Other liquids  Beer, Milk, Refrigerated liquids, Radioactive Black   
Fire  Foam, Fire main, Sprinklers Red