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I was taken to a small 2 bed roomed terraced cottage the other side of town, no electric just gas and lighting with candles. It happened that my sister was there also. My sister slept in the same room as the hosts while there were 6 of us boys in the other room and we slept 3 to a bed. The bath was a tin bath in which we all took turns and one evening I was in it when the lady added boiling water from a pot all over my feet, I automatically drew them away and tried to lift myself out by holding the edges and tipped the whole lot over.

 You can imagine, I think, how I felt, Auntie had become more of a mother to me and now this!

Everyday for lunch we took a pasty to school where when the girls had cookery lessons they warmed up our pasties. Sundays we the children were out all day until tea time rain or shine. We explored the country, walking along railway tracks for what seemed miles occasionally putting an ear to the line to see if we could hear any train coming. There is little to say about this episode as there doesn’t seem to be any significant memories.

After how long I don’t know but I saw the billeting lady and asked to be moved and she said as it happens Mrs. ……. said only this morning that she was feeling better now and if ever Lenny wanted to move she would have him back, o joy of joys and with everyone helping her Auntie was fine. If there was an air raid siren we would all go downstairs (auntie, Herbert & I) and lay on the slate floor on blankets in front of the Rayburn fire until the all clear.

In London my mother had become pregnant and it seemed that either she evacuated herself or my sister and I return home and this was mum & Dads decision so we left Launceston and went to London, but this wasn’t the end of my involvement with those lovely people. When eventually of course I grew up i called them by their names Bill & Mary, Sadly Mary died very young and she was and still is sadly missed. Bill & Herbert have also passed away, but i am friends with the family now and we regularly are in contact. There were episodes of digging graves and other adventures.



Above is Bill ready for business

Far left is Auntie

Top Centre is my “family”

Bottom Centre me and the family

of course these are not while i was evacuated but in the following years