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Semaphore Flag Signalling System

The Semaphore flag signaling system is an alphabet signalling system that uses flags in a variety of positions.
flag image
The flags are usually square, red and yellow, divided diagonaly with the red portion in the upper hoist.

The flags are held, with arms extended to full length, in various positions. The various different positions are like a clock face, divided into eight positions: up, down, out, high, low, for each of the left and right hands (LH and RH) .
The different combinations represent each of the letters of the alphabet.

flag image Flag positions in Semaphore

The Semaphore Alphabet

  • flag image A and 1 (LH down RH low)
  • flag image B and 2 (LH down; RH out)
  • flag image C and 3 (LH down; RH high)
  • flag image D and 4 (LH down; RH up - or LH up; RH down)
  • flag image E and 5 (LH high; RH down)
  • flag image F and 6 (LH out; RH down)
  • flag image G and 7 (LH low; RH down)
  • flag image H and 8 (LH across low; RH out)
  • flag image I and 9 (LH across low; RH up)
  • flag image J and 'alphabetic' (LH out ; RH up)
  • flag image K and 0 zero (LH up; RH low)
  • flag image L (LH high; RH low)
  • flag image M (LH out; RH low)
  • flag image N (LH low; RH low)
  • flag image O (LH across high; RH out)
  • flag image P (LH up; RH out)
  • flag image Q (LH high; RH out)
  • flag image R (LH out; RH out)
  • flag image S (LH low; RH out)
  • flag image T (LH up; RH high)
  • flag image U (LH high; RH high)
  • flag image V (LH low; RH up)
  • flag image W (LH out; RH across high)
  • flag image X (LH low; RH across high)
  • flag image Y (LH out; RH high)
  • flag image Z (LH out; RH across low)
  • flag image Numerical sign (LH high; RH up)
  • flag image Annul sign (LH low; RH high)
  • flag image Error (LH and RH raised and lowered together)

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