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Occutations : E


EALDORMAN An official of the shire courts who acted as the King's deputy taking payment from the profits of the court
EARER ploughman
EARTH STOPPER one who plugs up animal holes
EBONITE TURNER one who worked with ebonite or vulcanite, making combs or ornaments etc
EGG FACTOR egg or poultry dealer
EGGLER egg or poultry dealer
ELEPHANTS TEETH DEALER who dealt in ivory ornaments etc
ELLERMAN who sold oil used for lamps and known as an oilman
ELLIMAN who sold oil used for lamps and known as an oilman
ELYMAKER oil-maker
EMBOSSER who moulded or carved designs that were raised above the surface of the material
EMPRESARIO land broker, settlement scheme promoter, showman
ENGINEMAN employed at a mine to be in charge of the machinery used to crush the ore
ENGINE TENTER who operated the machine which stretched the cloth whilst drying in a woollen mill
ENSIGN commissioned officer in the navy
ENUMERATOR who collected the information for the census from the householder and recorded it
EQUERRY officer of the royal household usually responsible for the royal horses
EREMITE hermit
ERITE heretic
ESQUIRE one who attended a knight, which later became a title for a man of standing in society
ESTAFETTE mounted courier
EWAR Water-man
EWE HERD shepherd
EXCHEQUER revenue collector
EXCISEMAN excise tax collector
EXPRESSMAN person employed in the express business
EYER one who made eyes in needles used for sewing. Sometimes called a Holer

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