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Occupations : G


GABELER tax collector
GAFFER foreman of a work crew
GAFFMAN a bailiff
GAGER tax collector of liquor taxes
GALVANISER iron worker who handled process of coating metal with zinc, to inhibit formation of rust
GAMESTER gambler or prostitute
GANGER overseer or foreman from 1850 onwards
GANGSMAN foreman
GANNEKER tavern keeper
GAOLER jailer
GARTHMAN owner or worker of a fish trap
GAS MANAGER forman position in charge of checking for poisonous gas in coal mine shafts
GATER watchman
GATHERER Glass worker who inserted the blow iron into the molten glass ready for the blower
GATHERERS BOY held a shovel to shield the gatherer's face from the heat
GATWARD goat keeper
GAUGER customs official who measured the capacity of imported barrels of liquor in order to calculate the customs duty
GAUNTER glover
GAVELLER userer and in the Forest of Dean, an officer fo the Crown who granted gales or the right to work a mine and in Suffolk a harvest worker, usually female
GELDER castrator of animals, especially horses
GEOMETER skilled in geometry
GERUND GRINDER Latin instructor
GILDER applies gold leaf
GIMLER machinist involved in making a gimp, a kind of card
GINOUR engineer
GIRDLER leather worker who made girdles and belts, chiefly for the Army
GLASS COACHMAN driver of two-horse carriage hired out for the day
GLAZIER glass cutter or window glass man
GLIMMER MAN in Dublin, the man who would turn out (or down) the gas street-lights and also warn people turn out lights in their houses to ensure blackouts during bombing raids at War time
GLOVER one that makes or sells gloves
GOAT CARRIAGE MAN driver of small passenger carriage
GOLDSMITH maker of gold articles, banker
GOOSE HERD tends geese
GORZEMAN seller of gorse or broom
GRACE WIFE midwife
GRAFFER notary or scrivener
GRAINER painted wood to make it look like great and exotic woods
GRANGER farmer
GRAVER carver or sculptor, engraver of images or dockside worker who cleaned ship bottoms by burning and tarring
GRAZIER pastures and raises cattle
GREAVE / GRIEVE bailiff, foreman, sheriff
GREEN GROCER fruit and vegetable seller
GREENSMITH worker in copper or latten
GROUNDSEL & CHICKWEED SELLER Street seller of common weeds, used to feed pet songbirds
GUINEA PIG an unattached, or roving person whose fee was usually a guinea
GUMMER one who improved old saws by deepening the cuts
GYP college servant especially one attending undergraduates

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