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Occupations : J


JACK young male assistant, sailor, or lumberjack
JACK-FRAME TENTER cotton industry worker who operated a jack-frame, used for giving a twist to the thread
JACK-SMITH maker of lifting machinery and contrivances
JAGGER carrier, carter, pedlar or hawker of fish; 19th century, young boy in charge of 'jags' or train of trucks in coal mine; man in charge of pack horse carrying iron ore to be smelted
JAKES-FARMER one who emptied cesspools
JAPANNER one who covers with a hard brilliant coat of any of several varnishes
JERQUER custom house officer who searched ships
JERSEY COMBER worker in woollen manufacture (Jersey wool which has been combed but not spun into yarn)
JIGGERMAN operated a spinning wheel (Jigger) to form the foot (back side of a ceramic plate
JOBBER a buyer in quantity to sell to others, a pieceworker
JOBLING GARDENER one employed on a casual basis
JOBMASTER supplied carriages, horses and drivers for hire
JONGLEUR travelling minstrel
JOURNEYMAN one who served his apprenticeship and mastered his craft; properly, one who no longer is bound to serve for years but is hired day to day
JOUSTER fish monger
JOYNER or JOINER skilled carpenter

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